Bella has never enjoyed living in Sector G. It's dull, lacking in colour and charisma and everyone is so involved with their own personal life she is left alone.
So when Transfer Day comes, she has her one chance to escape.
But the choice she makes could kill her.
And with every step she takes, she is watched...
So when she meets mysterious H, a boy with shining talents, who offers to help her, she wonders if something about her is different.
There is.
*Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade!*


2. Angered Discussions

Mother smiles at me as I run down the stairs and begin to immediately set out the knifes and forks. It is known for the children of the household, here in Sector G, to prepare the table and drinks. Sometimes I ask Mother if I can cook, but I can be burnt and an injured child is no use, especially when it is near Trading Day.

The plates of hot food are set down and we eat in silence. I study my brother, Brent, as he eats. He twirls the pasta round his fork, letting sauce fly, and stuffs it messily into his mouth, slurping strands up. It just proves he is half animal, I would not be surprise if he let out a distressed "moo" and stuck his head straight into the spaghetti. This is of course, Brent.

Earlier thoughts of colour and betrayal float into my head.

"Mother, why is it that colour signals betrayal?" I ask, expertly spinning pasta onto my fork and eating it. She seems shocked at this question but carries on eating. For a moment I pause then I speak again.

"I asked, why is it that colour signals betrayal?" I say again and Mother glares at me.

"I heard you the first time Bella. I was thinking of what to say."

"What do you say?" I ask, and her angered glare turns into a distant, thoughtful gaze.

"I say that black is the colour of Sector G." A laugh rises up my throat and escapes my mouth. Brent raises his eyebrows.

"I know that, but why is colour, besides black, considered betrayal?" Mothers gaze turns back into a glare.

"Because, other colours represent other Sectors. We don't want to get mixed up with another Sector, do we now?" For some reason I want to shrug, as if disagreeing. Do I want to be mixed up with another Sector? I do hate Sector G.

"I suppose so."

"We learnt about colours today in school," says Brent excitedly. Mother nods.

"I was sent an e-message about that."

"What did you learn?" Mother glares at me once again, then looks at me as if to say 'don't encourage the subject' and I shrug, wiping off the sly grin creeping onto my face.

"Well, black represents Sector G and I found out white represents Sector K, yellow represents Sector L, pink represents Sector N and every other colour apart from green represents Sector J." He smiles proudly but my Mother scowls.

"If your Father were here he would give you a slap. That is all very good Brent, but never say things like that again. Main Society could hear you and then we'd all be in trouble." Brent's proud smile vanishes quickly, as though it fell off his head and into his dinner. Thoughts swirl round my head.

"Why is green the only colour that doesn't have a Sector?" The question escapes my lips before I can hold it back.

"Drop the subject, Bella," Mother whispers calmly. I shake my head. Now that I asked it, the question should be answered.

"But it doesn't make any sense, after all every colour has a Sector."

"I SAID DROP THE SUBJECT!" yells Mother, slamming down her knife and fork hard, so that the table shakes with the force. The high-pitched clatter rings through the room, piercing my ears.

"Just leave it," she says quietly, calmer, and sighs. A heavy silence falls on the room and we eat the rest of dinner without uttering another word.

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