Break Your Little Heart | Punk Louis

*WARNING! Contains violence and swearing. Some intimate scenes but nothing graphic..*

Hope was just a normal teenager who loved music like her own child. She played guitar, wrote her own songs, and carried headphones everywhere. She wasn't very popular, but she had a little group of friends she hung out with. But if there was one person she hated more than ANYTHING it was Louis Tomlinson. He was hardly ever at school, but when he was, he was a perverted, punk creep that slept with every girl. Apart from her. She caught him eyeing her up a few times, but they never spoke. One day, Hope gets offered a chance to go to LA to record her own EP. She is over joyed, and can't wait. She had four months to prepare, and she wants them to go quickly. But this is when Louis makes his move. He says that he wants to get her before she leaves. So they make a deal.. Will the deal be followed, and everyone go their separate ways, or will there be more to it than just a deal?


1. Chapter One: Unknown number

Chapter 1: Unknown Number 


'Don't stop! Doing what you're doing! Every time you move to the beat it gets harder for me and you know it, know it, know it!' 

My phone screamed at me, meaning it was time to get up. I wasn't one of those people who hated going to school. I didn't love it, but I tolerated it. I pulled my covers back, and stopped the singing from my phone, before getting ready for school. I didn't dress up fancy like some of the sluts at school, because I didn't really see the need. Those girls just wanted to get noticed. I thought it was quite sad really, that they need to go to that much trouble, just to be noticed by a boy...  

I pulled on my black skinny jeans and my Nirvana t-shirt, brushed my hair through, slipped on my converse and added a little make up. I grabbed my leather jacket and shoulder bag off the end of my bed, and looked at my reflection quickly. I smiled and flew down the stairs. As usual, I was met by an empty house... My parents were in LA, and promised me they would be back in three months. That was a year ago. I never any calls, or texts, nothing. I sighed to myself and trotted into the kitchen, grabbing an apple and my car keys. I checked my pockets, making sure I had my headphones. I couldn't go ANYWHERE without them. They were like my child. Without them, I couldn't listen to my music. I am a little bit addicted to music. I love it more than anything in the world, and have always had a passion for singing. I taught myself how to play guitar and even wrote a few songs. I never really did anything with them, I just played them to myself. 

I set the alarm on my house, and headed out to my little betel in the drive. I hopped in, and the radio started to blast 5 Seconds Of Summer. I smiled to myself and reversed out of the drive. The drive to school was a good fifteen minuets, but I didn't mind. It always seamed to go by so fast. 

Soon enough, I was at school, and parked in my usual spot. I was just about to open the car door, when a moter bike sped into the spot next to me. I retracted the door quickly, making sure not to get hit by the loonatic. I rolled my eyes when I realised who it was. Louis Tomlinson. The schools 'bad boy'. He had slept with vertualy every girl in the school... But not me. Not ever. The thought brought a horrible taste to my mouth. He was the type to get in your pants, then leave you the next day. I hated him, and everything about him. He climbed off his bike, removing his helmet, revealing his shaggy brown hair, and pierced face. He was covered in tattoos and piercings, and it was so unattractive. His sea blue eyes flickered towards me, and he smirked, rubbing his tung over his lip ring. I sighed and climbed out of my car. 

"Good morning Hope." He smirked at me. I just ignored him and slammed the door shut. I started to walk away, but he grabbed my arm, "You're supposed to return the saying. Out of respect." He growelled in my ear. I flipped my head around to face him. 

"I'll return the greeting, when you've earned my respect." I spat, yanking my arm away. 

"You're so feisty." He chuckled darkly, "I'll get you some day." He muttered to himself before I walked away. 

"In your dreams." I huffed under my breath as I walked in the opposite direction. 

I headed over to the locker room, where my three best friends waited; Charlie, Katie and Lauren. I smiled as I approched them, and they started to jump around. Charlie ran right up to me, and started screaming. 

"Woah! What's going on here?" I laughed, trying to make out what Charlie was saying, 

"Lauren has a boyfriend!" Katie exclaimed, tapping Lauren's shoulder proudly. My mouth fell open, and she blushed, 

"Kyle?" I asked, running towards her. She nodded, and I squeaked like a little chipmunk. we all started to hug, and jump around like little school girls. I heard a snicker behind me, and I turned my head, to see Louis and his group of friends standing in the entrance, staring at us. Zayn and Niall were standing there, chuckling too. They're Louis little group, even though it's only two of them. I rolled my eyes and let go of the girls turning round fully. 

"Fuck off," I sighed at them. 

"Told you she was feisty.." Louis smirked at the others, and they nodded, as if they were judging me. I rolled my eyes and turned back to the girls. 

"Nice ass." I heard Niall chuckle. I was about to turn around again, when Katie let go and made her way over to them. Before she even reached them they scooted, leaving just us in the locker room. I knew they were scared of Katie, they just wouldn't admit it.  The bell for first period sounded, and we just laughed as we walked. 


Lunch came around quickly, and I met the girls in our usual spot. We sat on a little shaded hill, watching some guys playing football. The others enjoyed rating the boys on things like, how they play, their asses, their muscles, that kind of thing, but I just sat, listening to my music. They didn't mind, because they knew what I was like. I was writing down some lyrics to a song I was working on, when Charlie nudged my shoulder. I looked up, removing one of my earphones, and met her eyes. 

"Louis is staring at you.." She whispered, trying to be discrete. I looked over to the benches where Louis, Zayn and Niall always sat, and sure enough, he was watching me. But it was a strange kind of stare, not a 'I-want-to-get-in-your-trousers' kind of stare, more like a protective stare. I just scoffed at him, and his eyes moved away, looking back at Niall, offering him a cigarette. I looked back at the girls, and they were looking at him too. 

"What's his problem?" Lauren said, disgust glazing her voice.

"No Idea.." I muttered, looking back down at my book. I didn't put my earphone back in, I just let the one play my music. suddenly, it stopped, and looked down at my phone. An unknown number was calling. I looked up at the girls, and they urged me to answer it. I glanced over to the bench, making sure it wasn't Louis, which it wasn't. I unplugged my earphones and answered...

"Hello?" I asked curiously. A male, American voice answered me, 

"Hey, is this Hope Brooks?" He asked kindly. 

"Yeeesss...." I said, extending the word.

"Awesome. This is Mark, from Syco records." He introduced himself. I dropped my book and stood up quickly. My heart was beating ten times faster than usual. MARK FROM SYCO RECORDS! He was like the manager of the whole thing! I listened carefully... 

"I've just had a meeting, and I have received some information about you, and your singing... I was talking to my collegues and we have come to an agreement. How would you like to come to LA for six months and record some demos for us?" He explained. My heart stopped. butterflies erupted in my stomach and a huge smile spread on my face. My friends looked at each other, very confused. I glanced over at Louis, and he was watching me to, 

"I would love to!" I exclaimed, trying not to scream. 

"Great! we'll send someone to collect you in exactly two months, just so you can prepare. I look forward to meeting you Hope." He said happily, before hanging up. I dropped my phone onto the grass bank and the girls watched me, waiting for and explanation. My voice was stuck in my throre, I couldn't speak.. 

"WHO WAS IT WOMAN!" Charlie yelled, standing too, and shaking my shoulders. I pulled myself together and managed to speak. 

"Syco records... They want me to go to LA and record some demos!" I screamed exitedly. The girls looked as shocked as I felt, but soon, they were all jumping around with me. 

"HOPE! THAT'S AMAZING!" Lauren yelled, 

"CONGRATS!" Charile screamed in my ear, 

"OH MY GOD!" Katie explained. I was so exited, I didn't even know what to do with myself. I looked back over at Louis, and he was watching me again. I just smiled and turned back to my friends. This was the beginning of my career, and I couldn't wait to get it started. 


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