Voldemort's secret

Voldemort's biggest secret yet, he has a daughter, Piper Riddle. Yet she goes around as Piper Rolson, and is constantly in Severus Snape's care. But what Piper doesn't know, is that she is going to have to face one of the biggest decision's in her life yet...


1. 1

Complete darkness was the worst lighting ever.


I fumbled my way around the massive room. Seriously, there weren't even candles or anything. I thought there usually were, we did this walk every night, Snape and I. As far as I knew, it was always lit, maybe only a little glimpse, but this time there was nothing. Snape had been acting strange that day, more so than usual. I didn't doubt that he'd had too much butterbeer.


"Hurry up Piper, we don't have all night!" Snape said sharply, swiftly turning a tight corner. Of which I promptly walked into.

"Ow!" I gasped, rubbing my head, and trailing in Snape's wake. He smoothly carried on walking, not caring about me. Then we climbed mountains of staircases, until Snape stopped and rattled on a door.

I could see light from under the door.

I heard a rustling from the room and a coughing sound, the door handle squeaked open and an old, wrinkly bearded man stepped out in a robe and slippers.

"Severus, what are you doing at this time of night? Wait correct me, I mean morning!" He said with an air of distaste.

"Professor Dumbledore, sir, this is Piper Riddle, she will need to be sorted into a house as soon as possible, perhaps when the first years get here tomorrow?"

Professor Dumbledore grunted, he motioned the thumbs up and headed back inside




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