dys·lex·i·a [dis-lek-see-uh]
noun Pathology .
any of various reading disorders associated with impairment of the ability to interpret spatial relationships or to integrate auditory and visual information.


1. Prologue



Little feet padded across the Cheshire apartment. The girl ran giggling and screaming happily as the boys curls bounced chasing her. She turned and ran into the the living room hiding behind the couch cushion. The boy came tearing around the corner. Calling her name. "Come out Ella! I won't tag youuu!" He dragged out. Ella held her breath has she heard him come closer. 

He knew she was behind the couch. He could hear her soft breath as he leaned closer.


"Boo!" He yelled. Ella jumped and screamed turning around to face him. "Harry!" She whined hiding the smile form him. 

"What?" Harry asked laughing at her. She couldn't help but laugh with him. Ella had always had a crush on Harry. She didn't think he was stupid or any of the names that the kids at school call him. She thought he was sweet, kind, and cute even, Ella blushed at her thought and looked down. 


"What's wrong Elly?" He asked her. She shook her head and smiled him. "Nothing Hazzy."

Harry smiled at his nickname and kissed her cheek sloppily. Ella wiped it off in a playful manner even though she really didn't want to wipe his kiss off. 

"Ella. I love you." Harry told his best friend sitting on the couch with her. 

"I love you too Harry." She replied resting her head on his shoulder. Harry knew that this wasn't puppy love or anything. He truly did love Ella and he hoped that she did too. 

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