My Unforgetable holiday

A young 16 year old girl goes on holiday to find out that her idols were where she was staying, and it turns into an unforgettable and amazing holiday for her and her bestfriend and sisters.


2. the day of the holiday😊

So today was the day that I was going to America, La for a holiday with my family and bestfriend, I couldn't wait I new that my famous crushes were there which excited me even more.

I was waiting for my bestfriend sharna to arrive she was taking ages, (text message) *hey, ninssstarrr, (a nickname she calls me) I'm just leaving mine now, I replied back saying *okay, shabbbssstarrrr hurry up*, after waiting around another 30mins she finally arrived and we all grabbed out bags and got into the car.

As we were driving, sharna nudged me and said "NINA!!! OMG OMG" I was half asleep so I kind of wasn't listening to her but then she pushed me and I hit my head off the door and shot straight up and hit her and shouted "WHAT" she said "OMG guess who's going to be staying at the same hotel as us", I couldn't be bothered for guessing games seeing as I now had a headache and was really tired but I just guessed anyway and said "ohh errm the janoskians ahha I wish" and she gripped onto my arm and squeezed tightly and said "YESS NINA FUCK YES THERE STAYING AT THE SAME HOTEL AS US OMFG", they had tweeted it and she seen and as you could tell she got very excited but as soon as she said it was them I almost fainted I couldn't breath I screamed and shouted and my mum ended up pulling over and shouted "OMG what's happened are you okay" I was breathing really happy and was crying with excitement, my mum said "what what what's happened" I screamed "THE JANOSKIANS ARE STAYING IN THE SAME HOTEL AS US MUM MY FUCKING IDOLS ARE GONNA BE IN THE SAME PLACE AS ME OMFG" she turned round and kind of looked at me quite angrily but I could understand seeing as she had to pull over cos she thought something bad had happened, but she just turned her back around and pulled out and drove off,

As we were driving to the airport I started feeling quite sick because I'm quite scared of airplanes and it was my first time going on one, so I didn't really know what to expect or what happens in an airport, but as we arrived there i started getting a little excited and the sickness started to go. Me and my sisters + sharna ran into the airport straight to the toilets because we were dying to go for a wee.

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