My Unforgetable holiday

A young 16 year old girl goes on holiday to find out that her idols were where she was staying, and it turns into an unforgettable and amazing holiday for her and her bestfriend and sisters.


3. the airplane ride😱

As we came out the toilets we all gazed around trying to find my mum and dad, they were at the ticket booth paying for the tickets and stuff, we sat on the chairs waiting for them to come over to us to tell us when our flight was coming, as we sat there, me sharna and my sister Kirsten were on twitter tweeting the janoskians telling them that we were staying where they were staying and how much we was excited and stuff, my other sister Stacey doesn't really understand the janoskians and what they do so she didn't really join in on the Fangirling with us, she just sat and played with her teddy.

I'll right more when I'm not busy I'm new to this so sorry if it's not that good

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