Why is it you?

You never liked going out. Never in your 17 year old life, had you been to a party. you perfered to spend your weekend at home reading a good book and dreaming yourself away to far of worlds. What what happens when your good childhood friend convince you to go to the biggist party of the year held by the Infinite boys?


9. Studying side by side

As soon as your head hit the pillow you fell asleep. You slept as a rock and didn’t hear a thing before your alarm clock went off, signalizing that it was time to get up and get ready.

You opened your eyes slowly adjusting them to the light that came from your window. You reached your hand under your pillow and grabbed your phone to look at the time.

“13:02… I’m turning day and night upside down. “

You stood out of your bed and went over to the window and opened it to get in some fresh air. You could hear the birds singing a cheerful song.

“I definitely won’t be able be able to fall asleep tonight”

You went around your room and started to get dress and doing your morning routine while you talked to yourself about how you should get through the day.

Time flew by as you got ready and before you knew it was already 14:15.

“Only 15 minutes before that guy comes over.” You sighed quietly to yourself. You sat down and read in your book to kill the time before he would come.

You went into your own little world, the place where you felt safest. When you were in your book world, the real one would just seem to freeze.

 But the magic couldn’t last forever. You were suddenly forced to wake up from your book, when you heard three quick solid knocks on the front door.

You didn’t quite know why, but you were really nervous that Woohyun would come into your house and make fun and judge everything.

As you stood up you felt the butterflies emerging in your stomach. The door was opened and you saw Woohyun standing outside. He looked extremely casual. He was wearing a white sweatshirt and a pair of nicely fitting black jeans, his dark brown hair was untouched so his lose, small, natural curls was showing.

He smiled at you before he said,

“Hello, may I come in?”

It took you a moment to realize what he had said to you, so you just stood and stared for a while.

“___ Are you okay?” he tilted his head to the side and bended down so he was face to face with you.

Finally you realized how close his face was to yours. Your eyes went big as you hoped back in surprise.

“Not so close!”

“Sorry, you just didn’t react, so I had to do something” he said.

“You could have just hit me or something like that”

*I don’t know why this guy is irritating me so much! He just does!* you thought.

“I never hit a lady”

You rolled your eyes and went back in your house leaving the door open, expecting him to follow you, but he didn’t.

“Are you coming or what?”

“Sure I was just waiting for the invite.” he smiled and went inside.

You started to walk up the stairs. Right before you came to the door you turned around and looked at him with a serious face.

“Okay, mister! Listen up! There are some rules that you have to follow when you’re in this house!”

“Sure just tell me”

“ Number 1! Don’t do anything impolite to me or my mother!

Number 2! Do NOT touch anything without permission

Number 3! You do everything I tell you to.

Is that clear?”

Woohyun didn’t look like he took the rules serious and it made you extremely annoyed. You wanted to yell at him, but before you did, you realized that he hadn’t done anything wrong.


Woohyun went inside your room and sat down on your bed and bounced up and down.

You looked at him with piercing eyes.

“What the hell are you doing on me bed?”

“Jumping! What does it look like?” he exclaimed in a happy voice

“Drop it, we have to start making our assignment about Shakespeare”

Without arguing Woohyun happily got up from the bed and went over to the desk, where you were already sitting.

“I have an idea” Woohyun said

“What is it?”

“Well since, you obviously don’t like to work with me. How about we each do a part on the assignment and then put it all together at last?”

*That sounds like the best thing he has ever said* you thought in surprise.

Your face lighted up and you loudly said “Yes! That sounds great”


Time passed as you were working side by side crammed together at your little desk table. You didn’t really notice that you were sitting so close, that your shoulders touched. You were too busy on reading and writing. Even though you didn’t notice he sure did. He didn’t mind at all.


The sun slowly started to go down behind the horizon, making the sky pink and orange.

Woohyun stood up and it was only there you noticed his shoulder had touched yours all the time.

“I think it’s time I go home now”


“I’m finished on my part and you seem to be done soon. So we should meet up tomorrow morning and put it together”


“You really say sure a lot” he smiled a bit.

“Yeah” You didn’t really know what you should say to him so it just came out as one word syllables.

“How about we meet in the park that is nearby? I heard it going to be nice weather “


You followed him out to the front door and waved goodbye.

You closed the door and went inside the living room where your mom was sitting watching some drama.

“Sooo, who was that handsome young man?” she said as she lifted her eyebrows up and down.

“Just a guy how is my partner in an assignment”

“Go out with him! He looks cute”

“Mom? what? no!” “He is not a good guy. He is only being nice to me because he likes Bora”

“Are you sure? Have you ever seen him doing anything that was not good?”

You stood and thought about things Woohyun had done to harm you.

“Mmmh. No not really” it occurred to you that you might had to reconsider that maybe Woohyun wasn’t as evil as you thought.

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