Why is it you?

You never liked going out. Never in your 17 year old life, had you been to a party. you perfered to spend your weekend at home reading a good book and dreaming yourself away to far of worlds. What what happens when your good childhood friend convince you to go to the biggist party of the year held by the Infinite boys?


4. No judging!

You walked into Bora’s house and could immediately smell the familiar flower smell that was and always were in Bora’s house. You loved that smell because it reminded you of all the times of your childhood that you spend together with Bora in her house. You smiled a bit at the thought.

“You sit down at that chair” Bora said with a hard yet very playful voice”

“Ay ay, Captain” you smiled back.

“I have a lot of things that I’m going to do to you today! We have exactly 5 hours before the party starts so we better be start now”

You didn’t protest or anything because you knew if you did you would be breaking the promise you made to yourself earlier, you would start to give everything a change first before you judged it

But only god knew how many times you wanted to protest though the process. You especially wanted to protest when Bora tried to curl your lashes outwards,* what the hell was that thing* you thought.

“All done. It only took us 2 hours. Are you ready to see your new look?”

“s- sure” you said a bit uneasy.

You didn’t know why but you were actually a bit afraid to see how you looked.

You opened your eyes slowly as you found the mirror in front of you. You gasped. Even though you didn’t care so much for looks you had to admit that you looked pretty good with your long hair up instead of wearing it down in your face. The makeup was heavy and you felt that you were carrying a kilo of it on your face, but none the less it looked very pretty. The dress Bora had found for you was a long dark ocean blue maxi dress.

“Wow, Bora I don’t know what to say other that I’m very thankful” you said struggling to find the right word to express yourself.”

“How about a little thank you and a nice big huge?”

“Thank you for trying to help me” Even though you thought you didn’t need help it was sweet of her to care for you.

You gave her the biggest hug you could.


Bora quickly got ready. You were amazed at how quick she could do that to herself. You couldn’t help but to stare a bit. Bora was beautiful and you were convinced that if she wasn’t friends with you, one of the biggest social losers in school, she would be really popular because of her looks and because of her sweet nature.

A couple of hours went and it was almost time to go, but before you guys could leave Bora had to touch up your makeup a little bit.

“I think we are ready now” Bora said loudly and proud.

You both grabbed your bags and went out in the driveway to Bora’s car.

The ride to the party was longer that you had expected. You were starting to gradually getting nervous. You felt kind of sick for some reason. The closer you got to the destination the more you wanted to go home.

“We are almost there”

With that sentence it almost felt like the butterflies in your stomach was trying to escape out though your throat.

The car stopped and you got out. You looked up and saw a huge mansion.

*Ohh great so popular people are really rich too. It figures* You rolled your eyes when you suddenly remembered: No Judging before knowing!

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