Why is it you?

You never liked going out. Never in your 17 year old life, had you been to a party. you perfered to spend your weekend at home reading a good book and dreaming yourself away to far of worlds. What what happens when your good childhood friend convince you to go to the biggist party of the year held by the Infinite boys?


5. Looking at her..

There was a long path up to the mansion with little white rocks on.

You kept your head down the entire way. There were other people around you that looked at you with piercing and judging eyes. You could almost guess what they were thinking about you *Why is that loser here?* *She’s not good enough to be here* You started to feel bad in your stomach. 

*What have I done to make all people dislike me? Is it because I don’t like popular people and I’m not a groupie like everyone else. Why is standing out so bad?*

You stopped. The door was in front of you but you couldn’t bring yourself to open it. *I really wanna go home* you thought as you sighed. At last you opened the door and looked inside.

There was a lot of people dancing around and having fun with each other. *Maybe a party isn’t that bad*

A girl came running through the room with puke all on her dress and in her hair. She almost bumped into you *Okay, I take my words back*

“Bora I have been wondering, why are we even invited to this party? I mean we have never once been invited to one in the past, what’s new?”

“Well I have been invited to parties before but I don’t really know why they said I could bring you as well. But it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you are here now and we are going to have so much fun together” Bora yelled over the loud music

Something seemed fishy about the invitation. Nobody would invite you unless they had a hidden motive.

“Don’t frown ___, you will get wrinkles. Let’s party!!!” Bora yelled.

Bora ran out to the dance floor and immediately started to dance with some people you didn’t know. Bora wasn’t extremely popular but she certainly wasn’t unpopular. She was sweet and pretty so she got around when she wasn’t with you.

You stood in the corner for quite some time just observing people. *I really should have brought a book, this is getting really boring* you thought.  But then something happened. You started to hear giggling and gossiping all around you. “Omg they are finally here!” “They are so handsome!” “They throw the best parties in the world!” fan girls started to scream.

You rolled your eyes *I know I said no judging, but seriously what kind of douchebags show up late to they own party?* You couldn’t help but to look over at the Infinite boys, because they were attracting so much attention. You looked at them one by one, some of them were making cute faces to the fan girls, and some of them were doing a cool face. It all looked really shallow. Your eyes landed on the last guy, the guy you was forced by you teacher to work together with, Nam Woohyun. He wasn’t doing faces to the fan girls. He was standing staring out in the room looking lovingly at someone.

You follow his gaze to the other end of the room, he was looking a Bora.

You had always been good at observing and reading people at a distance.

*Hmm so he has a crush on Bora? That doesn’t surprise me very much. Bora is very smart, cute and pretty. But if he thinks that he is going to lay a hand on my best friend he is wrong. Don’t you even dare Nam Woohyun*

You stood for a minute thinking about what you would do if Woohyun tried to make a move on Bora and honestly you didn’t know.

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