Why is it you?

You never liked going out. Never in your 17 year old life, had you been to a party. you perfered to spend your weekend at home reading a good book and dreaming yourself away to far of worlds. What what happens when your good childhood friend convince you to go to the biggist party of the year held by the Infinite boys?


10. Coming clean

Next morning when you woke up, your body felt as heavy as led and you had a hard time getting out of bed. But lucky for you, you were not in a hurry. That’s the nice thing about Sundays, there are minimal things to do and think about.

The only thing you did not want to do today was putting your essay part together with Woohyun’s. But it was something you just had to bear with and do.

But how? When should you meet him and where? 

*Maybe we’ll just put it together tomorrow, in the lunch break * you thought.

You were sitting in your bed but decided to lie back down and close your eyes for a moment before swinging your whole body out on the floor.

You looked around the room and your eyes landed on your dresser where your phone was laying and blinking, indicating that either someone rang to your earlier or someone wrote a text message or you got a notification on Facebook.

*What? I got a text?* you thought to yourself, surprised. The only people that writes to you is your mother and she was home so she could just go up to your room instead of texting you and the other is Bora and you knew  that every Sunday she is out on a fun day with her family.

You crawled over to your phone and looked at it.

It was a text from an unknown number. You opened it.

Hi, ­­­___! How are you today?

I write to you because of the Shakespeare assignment.  I don’t have the time to put it together tomorrow so is it okay if we meet up in the park around noon? Please write back to me soon.


*Why the hell does that guy have my number? Maybe he’s a crazy stalker!* some time passed and you calmed down a bit. *okay maybe he’s not a crazy stalker, he just wanted to confirm something about the assignment*

*Actually, now that I think about it he hasn’t done anything bad to me. I’m too quick to judge people. I should really work on that*

You thought a lot about it and decided to give him a change. *Starting today I’m going to be a better person.

You replied to him.

Hi Woohyun. I’m good thank you.

Yes that’s fine. Should we meet in an hour?


You put the phone down to take on one of your summer dresses. And within 2 minutes your cell rang and you received a reply.

Sounds good see you in an hour J

You looked at the message and caught yourself smiling.

The hour passed quickly and before you knew it was time to head to the park.

The weather was nice. The sun was out and shone on your face the whole time.

You arrived and sat down on a cute, little bench and waited for Woohyun to arrive as well.

*I should have brought a book with me, to kill some time*

“Hiii!” you heard a happy voice saying as it came closer to where you were sitting.


He sat down next to you and opened the bag he had brought with him. He pulled out a laptop and opened it. He turned and looked at you, with the same happy face he always had on.

“Are you ready?”


You opened your laptop as well.

It didn’t take long for you to send the documents to each other and correct some mistakes. Before you knew it you were done.

“Well that was quick” you said, happy that you now could go home and read again.

“Yeah, I actually have some time left before I have go to home” Woohyun said. You looked at him with confused eyes, not sure why he was giving you that information.

“Do you wanna go grab some ice cream before heading our own ways?”

You really wanted to say no, but on the other side you really wanted to find out his weak spot so you could sabotage him if he tried to get to close to Bora.  

You put on a smile and said “Sure sounds good”

It was still unclear to you why you were so suspicious about him, even though he hadn’t done anything to harm anyone.


You started to walk in silence next to each other.

“Sooo” Woohyun started “How are things?”

“Okay I guess”

“Okay” he looked like he wanted to say something more but he didn’t for a long time.


You could hear him take a breath before he said “I’m sorry I ask, but why do you hate me so much?”

“I don’t hate you” your mouth said before your brain could even have the time to think

*Wait, I don’t hate him?* you were pretty confused with your own emotions.

“Nice, it’s just that you seem to really have something against me”

“Well..” You wanted to explain to him what you felt about the situation around him, but you didn’t know how to use the right words.

“Well, what?” he said looking less cheerful and usually

“Okay. I’ll try and explain, but let’s get the ice cream first”

After you both got a cone of ice you sad down on some grass.

“Okay, I don’t know how to explain this.” You said look all around avoiding his eyes.

“Just try. I want to understand what I have done to make you dislike me so much”


“It because..” you took a breath

“I saw you at the party you and your Infinite friends where holding and there you guys seem a bit arrogant and stuff like that.  But it wasn’t that that made me dislike you.” You hesitated but went on.

“ It’s because I could clearly see that you have feelings for my friend Bora, and right now she and mom means the world to me. “ You had to take a deep breath once more to get the rest out of your mouth.

“After my father left me and my mother for some other woman I have had some issues with trusting people, especially guys in love. I just don’t want you to take her away.”

You could feel the tears starting to sting in your eyes. You bowed you head down so he couldn’t see your face.

You didn’t know why you had told this almost stranger about you feeling and problems, but it didn’t feel wrong what so ever. It felt good to come clean to someone beside Bora and your Mother.

You could feel a warm hand patting your back and a whispering voice saying “Don’t worry. I think you have misunderstood something” 

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