Why is it you?

You never liked going out. Never in your 17 year old life, had you been to a party. you perfered to spend your weekend at home reading a good book and dreaming yourself away to far of worlds. What what happens when your good childhood friend convince you to go to the biggist party of the year held by the Infinite boys?


1. A party?

“Why do you want me to go when I don’t know anyone?” you asked loudly.

“Because this is going be the party of the year, trust me on this one” your friend Bora said back to you.

“What kind of party is it anyway? Why is it so important that I must go?”

“Okay here is the deal. There are these boys at our school that I think you might know, because everyone knows them, called Infinite. They are the hottest guys to have ever roamed this earth!” Bora said losing track of what she was saying.

You rolled your eyes

“So where are you going with this?” you asked a little annoyed.

“It’s theirs party and we are invited. Don’t you know how big this is?” Bora said almost yelling out her words. “Pretty, pretty please! Won’t you come with me” she said while she was making huge poppy eyes

You couldn’t resist her poppy eyes, you have tried for many years but they always got to you. If Bora really wanted you to do something you would automatically say yes.

“Fine I’ll come but if there is a lot of annoying drunk people there, then I’m going home again. Are we clear with that?”

“Yes of cause! You are the best friend ever ___!” Bora said while hugging the air out of your lungs.

You had never really been into partying.  You thought It was such a waste of time, why go out and use a precious Friday night, when you could be at home, dreaming yourself to far away worlds?

For 17 years out had been able to never go to a party in your life, but not anymore, tomorrow evening you were going to your first party where you only knew one person.


It was Friday morning and you where waking up early as always so you could take a quick shower before you choose which dress you would wear to school. http://www.yesstyle.com/en/hanee-short-sleeve-floral-chiffon-dress-dark-blue-xl/info.html/pid.1035594415

You rushed down the stairs, almost felling over, as you did every morning. You reached the kitchen where you saw you mother standing over the stove, cooking.  

“Good morning honey did you sleep well?” she asked

“Yeah, I slept fine”

“That good to hear” she smiled

“Ehhmm.. mom” you hesitated a bit “Is it okay if I go to a party with Bora tonight I kind of promised her I would go”

You closed your eyes tight together secretly hoping for a no so you could stay home reading or studying. Your mother was quiet for a while so you stared to slowly open your eyes. Your mother was standing with a really surprised look on her face

“Are you serious ___? Never in your life you have asked me to go to a party” Your mother said.

“So Is that a no?” you asked

“Are you kidding me? of cause you have to go and start socializing, and get some more friends” She said with the dumbest smile on her face.

*sh!t, now really have to go* you sighed.

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