Lukes Army has taken seige to camp half blood
takes 4 hostages



My name is Josh Le Guine, my age is 16, my two best friends are Ever Carter Daughter of Aphrodite, and Ella Thorn daughter of Hades, what Ella and I haven't told Ever is that we are both demi gods, whats even worse is that I have no mortal parents I hade to lie to my best friends face and say that my adoptive mother was my real mother, my father is Poseidon the god of the sea and my mother is Athena goddess of wisdom, battle strategy, not going to be a spoiler but this was written in my journal that I had to keep because of circumstances. Ever came running up to my house and was crying and I had to act surprised that I didn't know why she was sad but I could tell that it was because her parents told her that she was a demi god


Evers P.O.V

I came running to a halt when I got to joshes house he had a really cool house I ran up the long drive way and rang the door bell, josh was there and he said what's wrong I told him that my parents had lied to me for years and that I wanted to call Ella so she could come over here and sort this whole entire fucking mess up


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