Lukes Army has taken seige to camp half blood
takes 4 hostages



Lets not get to formal my name is Ella Thorn Daughter of Hades and Mortal Marie Thorn, I am 15 years of age, My powers are able to raise the dead, see ghosts and able to pull jewels from the ground. I mat not have cool powers as Josh but at least I can do the things that he wouldn't be able to do such as girly talk, whining, bitching and moaning about how our make ups not on correct, But I do feel really bad for not telling her that Josh and I are demi gods in fact we are children of the big three and that we were on a quest for Chiron to get the best child of Aphrodite and bring her back to camp half blood because she can thaw the hearts of our turned ones, not saying that guys cant do  it but generally the guys are the ones that are being turned to the bad side. Well at camp we have the smartest children of Athena staying there they are so smart that they can never fall for charm speak or any other Aphrodite things they have the purest minds. That's when Josh came running to tell me that one day ever would come over crying that her parents had lied to her for years and that she wanted him to call me, that was when we decided that if that would ever happen he would call me and I would be there no matter what I was doing. I was surprised to see tht he had called me not a mere two days before we had come up with this idea, I had in fact moved next door to be able to be closer to them if Josh called, I told him to tell Ever that I would be there in 10 minutes and that he would get a drink for her and then after when I came he would answer the door and we would tell her the truth

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