Why So Serious?

It's a series. Kind of like Degrassi, but a celebrity version.


6. Stan pt. 3

Jacob: *beating on the bathroom door*

Paxtan: *slowly opens the door* What?!

Jacob: Dude, you've gotta stop wearing eyeliner.

Paxtan: And why should I do that?

Jacob: It's creepy.

Paxtan: Says the guy who flirts with himself................while I'm in the room.

Jacob: I'm working on my skills. That can come in handy and what's with the way you dress?

Paxtan: What's wrong with what I'm wearing?

Jacob: You're dressed like you just came from Hell's mall and you talk with no emotion.

Paxtan: Look at the way you dress, like-

Jacob: Admit it, I don't dress bad, everything about me is perfect.

Paxtan: You are not perfect, nobody's perfect.

Jacob: Really? I' popular, I get all the girls, and most importantly, I know how to have fun.

Paxtan: I can have fun.

Jacob: No, you know how to be a buzzkill.

Paxtan: You know what.........what do you say we......mess with people's heads a little.

Jacob: I'm listening.

Paxtan: We switch places today, no better yet, a whole week and we see how different our lives are and we have to act like each other. *holds out his hand* Deal?

Jacob: The classic switcheroo. Didn't know you had it in you, bro. Deal. *shakes his hand*


Paxtan: By the way, I licked my hand when you weren't looking. *smirks*

Jacob: Ewwwww! *makes the most disgusted face and runs in the bathroom to wash his hands*

*at school*

Jacob is now wearing Paxtan's clothes which consist of a black school shirt with khaki pants, all black vans, a black spiky bracelet and eye liner.

Paxtan is now wearing Jacob's clothes which consist of a light blue school shirt with khaki pants and a loud blue wrist watch with blue Nikes.

Britt is walking down the hall when she sees this guy that looks exactly the same as the emo guy, but with a light blue school shirt on and khaki pants with black, white and red Jordans on with no eyeliner on. (Actually Paxtan) She walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder. He turns around.

Britt: Hi, I was wondering if maybe you'd go out with me?

Paxtan's just silent with a stunned look on his face.

Britt: Are you okay?

Paxtan: *snaps out of it* I'm fine, girl! *nervously*

Britt: Okayyyyyyy, I'll see you at lunch?

Paxtan: Um........I gotta go! *walks away quickly*

Maggie: *talking to this nerd* Okay, Wesley, all you have to do is pretend to be my boyfriend just for a little while.

Wesley: But, I really do like you.

Maggie: Wesley!

*Wesley gives her a serious stern look*

Maggie: Look, all you have to do is play along with my story, okay?

*Wesley's still giving her the look*

Maggie: *smiles and pinches his cheeks* Can you do that? For me?

Wesley: *giggles* Okay.

Maggie: Good. *locks her arm with his and they start walking down the hall*

*they pass by Jacob and his big group of friends. Jacob's wearing a light blue school shirt with khaki pants and black shoes*

*Jacob just stares at Maggie while eating his red blow pop. He gives her a flirtatious look and mouths, "hey, sexy" to her*

Maggie: *smiles, walks up to him, grabs his almost eaten blow pop, puts it in her mouth and walks away with Wesley*

*in class*

Maggie's tapping her pencil on the edge of the desk when all up a sudden, the fire alarm goes off.

*everyone starts running out the room knocking each other over ignoring the teacher*

Maggie's running down the hall and tries to get out the main entrance when someone grabs her arm and pulls her to the side.

He pulls her into the janitor's closet and let's her arm go.

?: Hey.

Maggie: P-Paxton?

Jacob: *nervously* YEAH, Paxton.

Maggie: This is a fire drill, we should be outside!

Jacob: Relax, I pulled it. It's not real.

Maggie: *starts laughing, then stops* That's not funny.

Jacob: I didn't think so.

*as they both get silent, Jacob grabs Maggie's waist and pulls her as close as possible to him. As she gives him a confused look, he slowly leans in and kisses her on the lips. Maggie smiles when he pulls away then leans in to give him a kiss. He kisses back, neither one of them pulling away leading them to making out. As it gets heavier and heavier, Maggie starts running her fingers through Jacob's afro, turning him on more. Jacob then starts kissing and sucking on her neck. Maggie then ends up getting weak and falling on the floor causing Jacob to fall on top of her. He then takes his shirt off, then Maggie's leaving her in her bra and starts kissing down to her chest.

*at the Joe Residence*

Maggie's mom hears a knock at the door. When she goes to answer it, she sees a handsome looking white man dressed like a rapper with pretty baby blue eyes, short blond hair, and a serious look on his face with his hands in his pockets. She just stares really hard at him studying him.

?: *a little creeped out* May I help you?

Maggie's Mom: You're at MY house.

?: Oh, my bad........I'm stupid.

*awkward silence*

Maggie's Mom: *breaking the silence* And you are...........

?: Oh, um, Hi, I'm Marshall, Marshall Mathers(Eminem). You're Marsha Joe, right?

Marsha: Yeahhhhhhhh.......

Marshall: This is great, may I come in?

Marsha: I need to know who you are!

Marshall: I can explain. Just give me a chance!


Marsha: *sighs* Fine, come in.

Marshall: *smiles and walks in*

Marsha: Want any coffee?

*Everyone's gone back in*

*in Britt's class*

Announcement: Attention students, we are now under lock down! I repeat, we are now under lock down!

Everyone flips their desks over and the teacher turns the lights off.

Britt: *whispers to Adrian* What the hell is going on?

Adrian: *whisper yells back* Ikr, we have a test tomorrow, we're supposed to be reviewing!

Maggie and Jacob leave out the janitor's closet. All the lights are out and they can't see anything, but darkness. It's extremely quiet.

Maggie: What's going on? A-are we on lock down?

Jacob sees a guy dressed in all black outside of the window holding a gun.

Jacob: *whispers yells* Maggie, look!

Maggie looks over at the window and as she's about to scream, Jacob quickly covers her mouth.

Jacob: If you scream, we get killed. *removes his hand*

Maggie: We're gonna die anyway, we can't see anything. Where are we gonna go?

Jacob: *looks at the glass sitting area with the huge water fountain in the middle*

*with Chrisanto and Paxtan*

Chrisanto: *throws an eraser at Paxtan*


Paxtan: *turns his head towards him* Yes?

Chrisanto: Hey.

Paxtan: We aren't supposed to be talking.

*everyone else in the class, including the teacher, shushes them*

Chrisanto: *whispers to the other kids* ShhhUtup.

*with Marsha and Marshall*

Marsha: *laughing* So, you've made jokes, but all I know about you is that you're really weird.

Marshall: Oh, right. When I was 13, your mom adopted me. I lived there for 3 years, she loved you guys, but treated me like crap I moved out. I haven't seen you guys since. We're related, I'm your long lost foster brother. Marshall Bruce Mathers lll.

Marsha: *staring at him in shock*

Marshall: Your name is Marsha because We were so close. Almost like twins.

Marsha: *still staring at him in shock*

Marshall: You can say something any time now. *claps in her face, snapping her out of her trance*

Marsha: I refuse to believe this.

Marshall: I know everything about you!

Marsha: Really, what?

Marshall: You love chocolate, you have a birthmark on your butt, I accidentally burnt you as a kid, I bet you still have the scar. *gently grabs her arm and raises up her sleeve revealing the scar below her elbow* See?

Marsha looks at her arm, then at him, then hugs him. Marshall then hugs back and they stay that way for a while.

*with Maggie and Jacob*

Maggie's sitting in the glass sitting area while Jacob's boarding up the glass with cardboard.

Jacob: There, that was the last one. I think we might be safe now.

Maggie: We're gonna die.

Jacob: Why so sure?

Maggie: *whisper yells* Look at where we are! The janitor's closet was better!

Jacob: Oh, I know the janitor's closet was wayyyyyyy better. *gives her a sex face*

Maggie: You're such a freak. I can't believe I had sex with you.

Jacob: You know you loved it. *tries to kiss her*

Maggie: *kisses him*

Jacob: *kisses back turning it into a make out session*

They both grab for each other's private part.

Both: *mumble to each other* No, I can't make that mistake again.

They both stop and look at each other with a confused face.

Both: Mistake?

*awkward silence fills the air as they both wait for one to start explaining*

Jacob: Look, can I be honest with you?

Maggie: *nods while looking blankly at him kinda pissed off* Please do.

Jacob: *breathes nervously* Um......we should probably call our parents and I really like you.

Maggie: Awwww, too cute. *pulls out her phone and calls her mom*

Marshall: *answers the phone* Hello?

Maggie: Who are you?

Marshall: Your uncle. I'll explain later. Your mom's in the bathroom.

Maggie: Tell her my school's on lock down.

Marshall: Shouldn't the school be calling us for that?

Maggie: Yeah, bu-GCO

Marshall: *getting another call* Hold on, it's your school now.

Maggie: *boldly* Bye.

Maggie: *turns to Jacob, blankly staring at him* No one can come get us, it's a lockdown.

Jacob: *looks dumbfounded* Yeah, we're gonna die.

Marshall: *talking to the police on the phone* Can you at least tell me what he looks like?

Police Officer: All I can really tell you right now is that he's wearing a white hockey mask, has blond hair, a dirty white wife beater, black jeans, brown busted up shoes, and he has a gun.

Marshall: Thanks. *hangs up the phone and mumbles* Idiot! *grabs his coat and runs out the door*

Marsha: *stops cleaning up and runs to stop Marshall* What's going on? Are my babies okay?!

Marshall: Lock down, gun, I know who it is! *grabs her hand pulling her out the door* We gotta go now!

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