Why So Serious?

It's a series. Kind of like Degrassi, but a celebrity version.


7. I'm Back

During the quietness in class Britt uses the flash on her phone to write a note to Paxtan. Paxtan just stares at it with the flash from his phone as it reads, "look, I like you a lot, all I'm asking is one chance. Besides, you should be flattered that I adore you as much as I do". "Please consider it". He then looks over at her then puts the piece of paper in his pocket.

*scene switch*

Prince: *laying down on the bench squirming every 2 minutes* AHHH!

Maggie: *runs over to him and covers his mouth* Quiet! Remember?!

Prince: *moves her hand* This bench is hard, my skin is itchy and I need a bubble bath.

Maggie: Suck it up.

Prince: Thats your job. *smirks*

Maggie: Shut up, I never did that.

Prince: I never said you did.

*awkward silence*

Prince: *breaking the silence* But yeah, they better hurry up.

*scene switch*

*Marshall pulls up at the school with Marsha*

Marshall: *walking up to a cop* Where is he?! *sees the guy with the mask, wife beater, black baggy jeans and brown shoes and walks up to him*

?: Marshall?!

Marshall: *silent*

?: Want something Marshall? Huh, big boy?!

Marshall: *studying him hard* *softly, almost a whisper* S-Slim?

Slim: What the hell do you want?!

Marshall: W-why are you doing this? What are you doing here?

Slim: *breathing hard and sweating greatly* G-getting revenge once and for all.

Marshall: Wh- On who?!

Slim: M-Matthew!

Marshall: Huh!

Slim: *gets as close as possible to him then puts his hand on his forehead* R-Remember? 13 years ago! The Marshall Mathers LP........Stan. Suicide! 2014, Bad Guy.......Matthew Mitchell.....revenge! O-on YOU!

Marshall: *has the most shocked look on his face* *changes to confused* But Slim, I survived, I made it out alive!

Slim: T-that faggot's gonna get exactly what he f**king deserves! *tries to walk away*

Marshall: Slim? Sl-Slim! SLIM!!!!! *runs after him*

Slim: *turns around and pulls the gun on Marshall* I'm warning you! Stay away!

Marshall: *nodding and shaking* G-got it.

The policemen grab ahold of Slim making him drop the gun and tries to handcuff him.

He then kicks the one on his left in the balls and breaks free from their grasps before they could actually handcuff him. He tries to escape, but Marshall stops him.

Marshall: Come on, man, think about what you're doing. This is stupid and reckless.

Slim: Man, get the f*** outta my way with that bs or I'll shoot you like I said I was!

Marshall: Okay, you know what, I didn't wanna have to do this, buttttt......*pushes him down making him drop the gun again and gets on top of him holding him down*

The cops catch up with him and quickly flip him over hand cuffing him.

It takes 3 cops to finally arrest Slim, but the job was done.

After, Marshall explains everything and they arrest Matthew.

Principal Washington: Attention Students, the culprit was successfully caught. I am more than proud to announce that we are no longer under lock down. I repeat, we are no longer under lock down. You can now roam the halls for whatever is needed, bathrooms-GCO by a bunch of kids trying busy down the door to get out, running down the halls to get to the bathrooms.

*after school*

Maggie: *sitting on the grass in shock outside waiting to get picked up*

Jacob: You okay?

Maggie: *silent*

*Jacob's mom pulls up*

Jacob: I-gotta go.

Maggie: *pulls him back* Wait! Can I spend the night?

Jacob: Um........you should ask your mom......who seems to be standing right behind you.

Maggie turns around to see a mom almost about to cry.

Maggie goes up to her and hugs her passionately.

Marsha: I'm so glad you're okay. *kisses her forehead*

They hug for a while, but before she could tell her about Marshall, she interrupts.

Maggie: Can I spend the night at Jacob's?

Marsha: I don't know, I don't really know this boy an-GCO

Maggie: Come on, mom, just one night? You can call me whenever you want and I promise I'll answer.

Marsha: Maggie, I ju-GCO

Jacob: My house is actually not too far from hers.

Marsha and Marshall: *confused*

Jacob: I've seen her outside a few times and she told me her address.

Marsha: *looks at Jacob, then at Maggie* You better answer each time I call.

Maggie: *kisses her on the cheek* Thanks mom.

*later on*

Jacob: *eating tortilla chips* So, what's with the clinginess?

Maggie: That's a word?

Jacob: Pretty sure it is.

*seconds of silence*

Maggie: *breaking the silence* It's just-I just-after today.....I kinda feel safe around you. I'm sorry if that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Jacob: No, I'm glad I was able to protect you.

Maggie: *smiles*

Jacob: You're so cute when you smile.

Maggie: Thanks.

Jacob: Don't I get anything?

Maggie: You have an amazing house, it's a mansion, right?

Jacob: *dryly* Thanks.

Maggie: *leans in and kisses him*

Jacob: That's better.

Maggie: *kisses him again, but longer*

Jacob: *confused*

Maggie: I just really like kissing you. You have perfect lips and it feels good.

Jacob: *smiles really big* You know what else feels good?

Maggie: Not doing that!

Jacob: *stares at her for a while* A song.

*awkward silence*

Jacob looks at her with lust in his eyes, grabs both of his hands and puts them in his, then kisses her.

Maggie kisses back.

Jacob deepens the kiss adding tongue.

Maggie: *breaking the kiss* Oh my god, Chres!

Jacob: Huh?

Maggie: He was having problems with his dad, so I let him stay at my house as long as he needed, but my parents don't know.

Jacob: Okayyyyy? *sees her type in her password as August 10th* Your birthday's tomorrow?

Maggie: Yeah.

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