Why So Serious?

It's a series. Kind of like Degrassi, but a celebrity version.


9. Ending The Era Of Errors

?: *waking up* Whose bed is this? Where am I?

Benji walks in the room in a white robe and a navy blue mug of coffee.

Benji: Wakey Wakey, rise and shine, horndog.

?: What am I doing here?

Benji: You tell me.

?: Benji.

Benji: Honestly........we were........having fun.........you were all over me last night.

?: *looks like he's about to cry* D-did you rape me?!

Benji: *throws him a DVD* My computer's over in the corner. Looks like you raped me.

He gives him a questioning look.

Benji: Later, horndog. *smirks, takes a sip of his coffee, then leaves*

*comes back in a few seconds*

Benji: And put your clothes back on!

He gives Benji an angry look and throws a pillow at him. Benji laughs and quickly closes the door. He then puts his clothes back on consisting of a black iron maiden shirt with black pants, all black vans, and a black leather jacket. He then goes on his computer, puts the disk in, and just stares at the screen in shock.

*scene switch*

Maggie's sitting in her bed with the lights out listening to sad songs and angry songs. She turns it off when she thinks she hears a knock at the door. She then hears another knock.

She then yells, "go away"! They knock again. She then sighs and gets up to go answer it. She opens it to reveal Marshall with the most sympathetic look on his face. Wearing a muscle shirt and grey boxers.

Maggie: What the hell do you want?

Marshall: I was out of line. You're my niece and I was wrong to do that to you.

Maggie: *laughs angrily then goes to sit on her bed* You just don't get it, do you?

Marshall: Don't get what?! You're my niece, I'm your uncle, I get it, you don't!

Maggie: Stop calling me that! You're not my real uncle, we didn't know anything about each other until 2 days ago! I didn't do anything wrong!

Marshall: *sighs* Maggie........you're cute, but a little girl, I mean a teenage girl. The thing is, as you can see......I'm not.

Maggie: *sarcastically* Well, of course, I don't like girls anyway.

Marshall: Mags.

Maggie: I was joking.

Marshall laughs a little.

Maggie: What's with the nickname all of a sudden?

Marshall: I like it. I like you. *smiles at her*

Maggie: I know you do, you kissing me back for that split second said everything.

Marshall: Girls.

Maggie: Come on, what's so wrong with this, Romeo and Juliet did this?

Marshall: Do you know how it ended?

Maggie: Right. But, no one's gonna kill themselves and besides......you don't love me that much and by that I mean, strictly kissing, nothing sexual.

Marshall: That way, no one can call this rape. *grins*

Maggie: We found a loophole, my friend.*raises up his hand and gives him a high five*

Marshall puts his head down in embarrassment, but Maggie raises it back up smiling.

Marshall: *looking hesitant* Can we please just...keep the lovey dovey stuff to a minimum, no one should know this. No one.

Maggie: *sighs* Fine. *walks out into the hallway*

Marshall pulls her back by her door by her arm, then kisses her passionately on the lips for what felt like forever. He then pulls away smiling, then goes downstairs leaving her lovestruck.

*scene switch*

*at school*

Jacob's walking down the hallway quickly with a hat on looking down the whole time when he bumps into Maggie. He gets startled then tries to quickly walk past her when she grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him back to her. He removes her hand from his shoulder and walks away.

*at the lunch table*

Britt, Maggie, V, Liz, and Adrian are all sitting at a table when they see Jacob acting all suspicious.

Jacob: *comes sit by Maggie* Hi.

Maggie: What's going on with you?

Britt: *walks over to Jacob and tries to kisses Jacob on the cheek*

Paxtan: *sees her kiss Jacob then walks over angrily* *slams his fist on the table* What the hell is this?!

Maggie: Ya know, I was just about to say that!

Paxtan: You weren't supposed to steal my girlfriend, you manwhore!

Maggie: *looks over at Jacob and Britt* You 2 are dating?!

Jacob: No!

Paxtan: Funny story, see, I'm actually Paxtan, he's actually my twin brother Jacob. Problem solved.

Maggie gives Jacob an evil look, then walks off.

Jacob: Maggie, wait! *runs after her and pulls her back*

Maggie: I can't believe you!

Jacob: Please, just let me explain!

Maggie: You better make it quick.

Jacob: We switched places because Paxtan wanted to see who really had the better easier life. I was gonna tell you once we got together, but I scared you'd break up with me.

Paxtan: *laughs* Kinda late for that.

Britt: *smacks his chest* You're not off the hook either, I'm dumping you're sorry butt, I heard the damn rumors!

Paxtan: Rumors? Jacob, you better spill the damn beans.

Jacob: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Britt: *looks him in the eyes* I heard "afro puff, black shirt, all black vans".

Jacob: *sighs* It was me.

Maggie: What were the rumors?

Jacob: It was me hooking up with a guy in the janitor's closet.

Maggie: Oh, so you're gay too! When were you gonna tell me this?! Or were you ever gonna tell me this?! Did you take my virginity as a test?!

Jacob: I'm actually bi, so it wasn't a test. I did actually really like you. I feel horrible about that.

Maggie: Let me just see how many times you've messed up. 1 *raises up thumb* You weren't true about who you are.

2 *raises up 2nd finger* You didn't tell me you were bi. 3 *raises up 3rd finger* and you cheated on me with a guy in the same place you mindlessly took my virginity in. Save anything you have to say, I hate you.

*walks away*

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