Taken Back

Why did my mom ship me off here anyways? Well it was for University but still why send me to London with five dollars in my pocket with an address that I have no idea where it is.


1. Pouring outside

I wiped the wet strands of hair out of my face as I walked through the darkness crying. All I could think about is why?, Why did my own mother ship me to England with only five dollars in my pocket? I cried as I walked further, only god knew where I was going. I followed the street lamps as that was the only light tonight. I found myself at a stiff wooden bench under a street lamp, I stuffed my suitcase under the bench and held my face in my drenched sweater as I screamed, why? I cried harder and stared at the houses across the street, mocking me. All I wished is that I could be inside of one of those warm houses, snuggled up under a blanket, watching re-runs of my favorite TV show. I was startled when one of the houses porch lights turned on. I saw a figure in the doorway with an umbrella. I sighed until I realized it was walking toward me. My eyes widened, it was like the movie I watched on the plane, Taken, where the girl get's kidnapped and used. The figure walked closer to me until he was hovering over me, I looked up at his face and loosened my muscles, this face couldn't hurt a soul...

(Sorry for the first cliff hanger! But I'm just getting started. Hope you'll enjoy this!)

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