My Love For You

Andrea and her friend Alyssa was just walking down in the subway in new York when they saw harry styles and Niall Horan. they couldn't believe their eyes. will they go say hi and take pics and end up falling in love or just leave, with that show their true love for one direction? keep reading to find out more


15. "they wont let me in"

  Harrys P.O.V

      "Harry I.....I...I..I cant " was her last words before she got in front of the moving car. All I could do was just look. I couldn't save her, I couldn't help her. was she gone?. HARRY WHT THE HECK!" I HEARD A SCREAM BEHIND ME. "IM SORRY ZAYN ITS NOT MY FAUULT WE HAVE TO GET HER IN A ROOM." I yelled back. I ran in and got a doctor to come and get her to see if she was okay. The last thing that needs to happen is to lose the two best things in my life. Andrea and Niall. I  have no clue what to do. The doctor came out and took her in a room. " I hope she is okay." I said to Zayn. " I hope she will be too" he said hugging me. We went back to the room that Niall is in. "hey" Niall said. "hey" I said back." umm Andrea just got hit by a car you guys" I said. Everyone jumped up "is she okay?" everyone asked. I don't know they wont let me back there." I said. Alyssa started screaming like she lost her whole life." I will kill them " she said as she walked out of the room.

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