My Love For You

Andrea and her friend Alyssa was just walking down in the subway in new York when they saw harry styles and Niall Horan. they couldn't believe their eyes. will they go say hi and take pics and end up falling in love or just leave, with that show their true love for one direction? keep reading to find out more


1. The Subway

andrea's P.O.V

      I cant believe we are going to England. Where One Direction came from. Me and my friend Alyssa are so excited. What if we see them just walking down the street. That would be so amazing, that would make me so happy. But now we have to get on the train that takes us to the airport. But I can see excitement in Alyssa's eyes every time I look at her. I bet she could see excitement in mine too. We are at the house making sure we have everything we need. We are just looking in the mirror making sure we look great because me and her are both very vein. We are finally getting in the taxi making our way to the sub station.

                                             30 minuets later

 Alyssa's P.O.V

We just arrived at the substation and we are trying to find what train we are getting on. I look at my phone to see what time it is when I look up and see Andrea screaming in her mouth and.......OMG ITS HARRY AND NIALL  I scream in my head so fucking loud. I could see Andrea freak out even more when the Harry Styles an the Niall Horan come strait towards us.  Then Niall asked me "hey pretty lady wanna take a picture with me cause is see your friend freaking out"  His  beautiful Irish accent was making shivers run through my whole body. "sure" I spoke loudly over the trembling. I stood there and smiled in his camera and then in mine with his arms around me and then out of the blue he kissed me cheek when he took he pic on my phone. "thanks beautiful" , he said wile he walked away. I yelled on the top of my lungs "wait" to Niall. He stopped and turned around and said "yes sexy?" I looked at him and smiled and said " could I have your number?" and he said "only if I can have your Skype, twitter, and your number."  "Of course." I  said . he smiled and asked "Where are u going, u going to England cause if you are beautiful we could ride in the plane together sweet girl" I nodded and said "me and my friend Andrea are going maybe she could sit with harry cause it looks like they are over there hitting it off pretty good " I said as my voice kept getting higher. We giggled and he said to harry " stop flirting with the girl and lets get on the train" we all laughed and smiled and Niall smoothly grabbed my hand and held it as we walked off.

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