My Love For You

Andrea and her friend Alyssa was just walking down in the subway in new York when they saw harry styles and Niall Horan. they couldn't believe their eyes. will they go say hi and take pics and end up falling in love or just leave, with that show their true love for one direction? keep reading to find out more


7. The Hotel Room


             Andrea's P.O.V

                 Ok so we finally arrived at the hotel room with the boys and it was as huge as a penthouse. I looked at harry and said with a smile "why don't we gave diner later while the boys and Alyssa are out." "that would be great " he said when he smirked at me. "ok well  how about you guys go out so me and Andrea can hang out and I give her a tour around the place." harry said. "sure we will go so u guys can "hang out"" Niall said and giggled. " We are going to hang out and go around this place and just look around this place cuz the hotel man, its huge" I stated in a serious voice. "ok well bye hope you guys "have fun"

              so they left and it was me and harry now

                  "ok so what do you want to do " I asked.  "oh  I was think we could watch a scary movie or cook random things or we could even play games" harry said while getting everything out and making a mess. "harry lets cook some desert that has things to do with chocolate" I said while getting cake and brownie mix. We mixed it up and when it was all mixed up he decided to put a little bit of mix on his finger and rub it on my face so when he wasn't looking I took a whole glob and put it in is hair. the look on his face was priceless when he took the whole bowl and threw in my hair and then gave me a noogie, we had a food fight with flour every where. I got in the shower  and I could have swore the door opened but im not sure...............

                   Harry's P.O.V

                                        She made me feel like a was special and like I was something other than a lot of  girls idol. but I gave her a little surprise and I stuck into the shower with her. she looked so damn beautiful. I yelled "boo!" and she screamed at the top of her lungs it was so funny. we had a sudden silence and I looked at her lips bit mine looked up at her face into her eyes then I looked back at her lips grabbed her head and kissed her ...............slowly but with passion.

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