My Love For You

Andrea and her friend Alyssa was just walking down in the subway in new York when they saw harry styles and Niall Horan. they couldn't believe their eyes. will they go say hi and take pics and end up falling in love or just leave, with that show their true love for one direction? keep reading to find out more




                         Andrea's P.O.V

             "ANDREA GUESS WHAT !OMG NIALL PROPOSED!!!!!" Alyssa came screaming in my face. "oh cool" I said kind of annoyed by her when we came and yelled in my face like a damn idiot. "YEAH AND WE MADE NAMS FOR THE BABIES ONE IS ANALEIGH AND MASON !!" Alyssa yelled still in my fucking face. "OKAY ALYSSA SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP CUZ U R GETTING ON MY NERVES I UNDERSTAND THAT U ARE EXCITED BUT GET OUT OF MY DAMN FACE WITH IT!" I yelled so fucking pissed off."ok, congratulations you are engaged now" I said in a understanding voice. "yeah right ,you are just so fucking jealous of me like you always are Andrea, I cant stand you when u do that, it makes me completely sick like for real OMG when are you not fucking jealous." Alyssa said and those words kind of tore me down inside and made me want to run away and cry but i...I...couldn't. "oh" I said almost speechless. I walked away and went in the room and cried with harry." why are you upset babe?" he asked so concerned I could see the worry in his eyes and it made me want to cry even more "" I couldn't finish so I just stood up and walked about a foot from the bed and fell on the floor crying. "im sorry" I said ."oh babe its ok I promise but I have a surprise for you" he said which made shivers run up and down my body and I didn't know why. "ok" I said whispering. "stand up please "he I stood up. "lets go I want to take you somewhere special." he said and it made me cry more because it reminded me of me and my dads special place but I could never go there with him anymore because he passed when I was 11 and im 18 now so and I have been in great Britain and I came all the way from NYC. We got in the car and drove to this 'special place' he was talking about. When we got there it was so beautiful. He took me up the hill and we saw this AMAZING view of great Britain. "It really is special" I said with a huge smile on my face. "yeah now I think it is about to get even more special" he said. He kissed me and then held me around my waist. "babe I love you so much you are so amazing and beautiful and u are my everything and so special to me,so..will you do me a favor of being my beautiful wife?" he said and asked. "i was absolutely speechless and so the only thing that was left to do was kiss him. I kissed him for so long it felt like I was in a magical world and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. We stopped kissing and he put the ring on my finger stayed for about one more hour and then went home. As soon as we got in the car Alyssa called I was so tempted to not answer but the only time she calls me when we are mad at each other is when something bad happened or to say sorry so I answered. "ANDREA IM SORRY THAT IM YELLING BUT NIALL JUST GOT SHOT AND IM TAKING HIM TO THE HOSPITAL PLEASE MEET US THERE AND IM SORRY" She said sooooooo frightening. "Ok me and harry are on our way" I said while crying. "HARRY WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW NIALL JUST GOT SHOT " I yelled and we did a complete 360 U turn.

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