My Love For You

Andrea and her friend Alyssa was just walking down in the subway in new York when they saw harry styles and Niall Horan. they couldn't believe their eyes. will they go say hi and take pics and end up falling in love or just leave, with that show their true love for one direction? keep reading to find out more



    Alyssa's P.O.V

                  After we got out of the water I was getting some cramps in my stomach but I thought that it was just because I could have ate something but I didn't remember what I could have ate. Niall saw my face cause it  was scrunched cuz of my stomach pain. "Are you okay babe?" he asked with conserity. "Yeah....I think but im not sure"  "whats wrong do you think you need to go to the hospital?"  he was so scared he was trembling. Andrea walked over " Alyssa are you okay do you need to go to the hospital?" "NO IM FINE I REALLY AM PLEASE LEVE ME ALONE RIGHT NOW!" I yelled and Niall almost started crying. "Niall honey I am really sorry" I said and rubbed his shoulders and walked away holding my stomach. "WE NEED TO TAKE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL ALYSSA!!YOU COULD BE SICK!" Andrea yelled at me. "or you could be know...........pregnant?" Harry asked and said at the same time while raising his eyebrows. "NO I CANT BE PREGNANT NIALL USED PROTECTION DIDNT YOU NIALL?" I looked at him and he turned around and started rubbing the bag of his head with his left hand. "Niall, you did use protection right?" I asked. "Well the plan was, was for me to just pull out when 'it came' but......we couldn't..." Niall didn't finish. "WHAT?" I asked really about pissed. "STOP!" he yelled and then fell to the ground and started crying.  "Niall its okay, I promise , you are twenty , are you ready for a family?" Andrea asked him "Well......I mean.....I guess.... but I don't know how im gonna be with it even though I take care of theo sometimes.."Niall said.   "WAIT!! before you come to conclusion and thinking she is pregnant I said that she COULD be pregnant " Harry yelled.  " you are exactly right. we need to take you to the hospital!" Andrea said while everybody was rushing to the car except harry. Harry turned around and picked me up bridal style cause he saw that I was still in pain and couldn't move.

                                      10 minuets later.

         Andrea's P.O.V

                          I was so worried about Alyssa and Niall, What if Alyssa was pregnant what would we do? what would we tell her parents? what would we tell Nialls parents? what were we going to do? I kept on asking those questions to myself while almost pulling out all of my hair. "Babe? are you okay? Harry asked me. "No , im so worried, im soo scared" I said nearly crying.  "Its ok babe, she will be fine come here." he said as he cuddled me. I couldn't help it anymore so I poured down crying 

                                     ALYSSA MARTENS? the doctor asked while Alyssa went in the room

     Niall's P.O.V

                    Alyssa was my everything. what if she died during this pregnancy if she is? will she be ok? if she is pregnant, will the baby live? what if it is a boy? what would we name him? but.. what if it was a girl? what would we name her?  I started asking myself all these questions.i didn't know what to do. I went up to the lady in the front desk and asked if I could go to the room where Alyssa was she said ok so I went in the room and come to found out....................." Hey Niall, honey come grab a seat and come here." she said I was so scared. I pulled up a chair and squeezed her hand. and she said to me in her sweet American accent. "Babe were pregnant,.......with twins." I stood up so quickly and ran out of the room leaving her there making her fell like she was lost . I ran outside and sat on the curb and cried.first I thanked the lord and then I cried. I cried because I was so happy and scared at the same time. "Niall whats wrong?" I heard a girl ask me from the back . they grabbed my shoulder and come to find out it was Alyssa."i so sorry babe but I ....I...I don't want to lose you and I don't want ANYTHING to split us apart because you are my love and my life. I don't wnt to be without you. but now you are pregnant with gods creations and he put that in our hands and now I don't know how to react I don't know what to do." I said crying. "baby its going to be ok . I promise just be thankful that we have each other na d that we have two wonderful thing that will keep us closer because of them. we could never lose each other because if we separate they separate and that will break their hearts more than it will do ours" she said so comforting. "Niall what's wrong mate?" Harry asked me. I stood up and looked him and Andrea in the eyes and said " I love you guys and we are having .....twins." You should have saw the look on their faces. they were so stunned and happy.

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