Blood Lust

Damon Salvatore and Addie Houghten. They both have something in common. They were both manipulated by Katherine Pierce. Stefan gives up on her. He decides to ignore her and not give her the satisfaction of knowing she is hurting him and the people he loves. So the two decide to get revenge. Make her pay for what she's done. Will it backfire? Will Damon fall for Addie or Katherine? Find out in Blood Lust.


1. Elena? Katherine? Truth or Dare.

Curling my long blonde hair I added some mascara to my long lashes. I put on my knee leng gold dress with black and white converse. I added some chapstick and with my vampire speed I ran to the dance. Katherine would be here any minute. I saw her. She had both Salvatores just like the old days. Damon on one arm and Stefan on the other. I walked over to her with a smile.

"Hello Katherine! How are you? See youve got the Salvatores wrapped around your fingers." I chuckled. She gave me a weird look a bit confused.. but then replaced it with a smrk.

"Oh hey umm yeah, yes I do." She said. She was a bit uneasy. I took a wiff. She was... human and NOT Katherine! I looked at her.

"Your not Katherine. You must be the doppleganger she's been talking about it. Elena was it?" I asked smiling. She was quite shy so Damon spoke for her.

"You know Katherine."He asked not a question. He did this weird but seductive eye thing.

"Yeah I do. Best friends actually." I laughed uneasily. They both stared at me then Stefan took Elena away to dance. Which left me and Damon. It was awkward. I smiled he smiled.

"Would like too dance umm." He asked.

"Addie. And yes I would love to!" I smiled. He was hot. We slow danced and then he had to go and handle something. So I followed him. Yeah I'm creepy. I saw the Salvatores in a room with Katherine.

"What do we have here?" I asked sitting down on the couch. I took a blood bag from my clutch and took a sip.

"Anyone?" I asked waving it around. Damon walked over sipping it and handing it over then went back to Katherine. But now he had a stake. He pin pointed it to her heart.

"Now now dont be hasty Damon." I said tightening my grip on the bag.

"She ruined our lives." Stefan muttered. I looked at Katherine. She was quiet. But then she said.

"Damon howd you get hotter?" She smirked. She was a pain in the ass. I laughed getting up and patting Stefan's arm.

"You might not want to do that." I said trying to pull his arm away.

"I'm sorry but its already done." Damon stabbed Katherine's arm. She winced.

"Well you see we have a witch that put a spell on Katherine and Elena linking them. So whatever you do to her happens to Elena." I explained. Stefan looked at me shocked. But Damon he didnt seem to care. He was just staring at me. Expressionless. I ran out of the room but was pulled away by the force field.

"Fuck..." I muttered. "Well you better call Elena." I told Stefan. Stefan did as I said and called her.

"Elena! Are you okay? Does it hurt?" He said really fast.

"I-I'm fine it just needs to heal. I-I think I ought to go home." I heard her say. I honsetly felt bad. Katherine was a bitch but she was also my friend. She had not once turned her back on me. I just sat down and Damon sat next to me. Awkward silence.

"Hey you guys wanna play truth or dare?" Katherine asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Katherine I'm done with your little games." Stefan said sitting next to me. I was in the middle of the Salvatores. Great.

"No but this time its a real game. I mean all of us will enjoy." She said.I turned to Damon and pouted whispering please. He rolled his eyes.

"Addie truth or dare." He said without eye contact.

"Truth." I said.

"Why are you friends with the bitch?" He asked.

"Well by bitch you mean Katherine? Well I am the one who helped you become vampires. And asked a certain original to compel you into forgetting what I did at Katherine's order. I'm more like a... a sidekick." I said. I gave him more than he expected.

"Who was that original?" He asked.

"Your turns over!" Katherine said in a childlike voice. I laughed. I soon saw the witch who had made the force field.

"Thanks Lucy. But next time remind me there's a force field. That hurt like a bitch." I said as she laughed.

"Okay Addie." Was all she said. I left with the Salvatore's leaving Lucy and Katherine behind.

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