1. Chapter 1

("Her" POV)

"Damn!" You curse as my luggage spills from my bag. "I'm going to be late for my plane!" As I struggle to fit everything back in my bag, five boys pass by. One in particular stopped to help me. He was wearing a snapback, so I didn't really see what his hair color was at first or exactly what he looked like. He had gorgeous blue eyes though. As he finished, our eyes met.

"I'm Niall..." he said shyly.

I was frozen. Was I seeing or hearing any of this? "Oh trust me... I know who you are!" I said cracking my voice from the utter shock. Niall. Niall Horan from One Direction. It seemed like forever ago that I saw him in concert when I was 13.

We stood there for what seemed like forever until I realized I was going to miss my plane. I've gotta go! I said suddenly. I don't know why, but for some reason I gave him a hug. He saved me. He had no idea. I wiped the tears from my eyes and tried to hurry.

As I took a step into the small passageway leading to the plane entrance a women stopped me. She had brown hair and brown eyes with an airport security uniform on.

"That flight has already left." The next plane going to London is at 8:00 a.m."

"Oh.. Um... Uh... Ok then... Sorry!" I felt my stomach flop and my checks turn red. "Great..." I thought to myself. "I guess I'll be sleeping at the airport." I sighed and turned around to yet again find Niall. This time I fell back, but he caught me. The moment seemed to get my heart in a bunch!

"Was I still crushing on the guy of my dreams from my childhood? No way! He would never fall for me... A girl from Iowa of which lived on a farm all her life and who was a short brunette with long hair and grungy blue eyes? Hah!" I laughed at the thought...

"I'm s-sorry... Heh.." Niall helped me back up and chuckled shyly "Ur really light on your feet!" his checks blushed turning them into an adorable rosy pink. "Uh...W-what happened? You look kind of down."


"Well... I kind of just missed my flight..."

"Where were you heading to?" He asked.

"London." I replied. "I'm into architectural engineering and some people there have been liking my work, so I packed my bags and decided to go... And now I'm here! I did some small jazz hands. "Ta da!"

"The lads and I were actually on our way back to London as well!" He smiled at the ground and looked back up.

He seemed really happy about that... but why??

"And....?" I asked curiously

He slipped his hands in his pockets and started to blush yet again, he didn't want me to notice apparently! "Would you... I don't know... Like to keep me company? I mean... Er... On the plane?" He looked up at me with a big grin and those gorgeous eyes... How could I say no?!

"Uh... Sure! Will the boys and Paul be okay with it?"

"Ya they're cool. Zayn, Louis, and Liam always bring their girls along without warning! Plus our jet is huge! It's a lot better than riding in a plane!" He laughed a little and so did I.

"Well then... how could I say no?" I giggled.

"I'll cover your ticket too..." Niall started

"There's no need to Ni-..." Louis stopped me

Apparently he had been eavesdropping the entire time! Typical Louis! I should have known!

"Just let him cover it... he won't stop until you say yes! Trust me..." Louis stopped and looked over his shoulder and saw Harry was back with a cup of coffee. "Excuse me guys! Got some capichino to steal! You two lovebirds have fun!" He patted us both on the shoulder and took off.

"Well... I guess I don't have a choice!" I let Niall cover it. It was probably the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me!

My feet were killing me now... I had to sit down.

"So when are we boarding?" I asked Niall with a cute grin. (Or at least I hope it was)

"Right now actually!" Niall looked over and saw Paul signaling him to come along.

"Well let's go!" I said cheerfully as I picked up my bags, but that didn't last long. Soon enough Niall snatched them from my hands.

"Don't worry, I've got them..."

"He's so cute and such a gentleman..." I thought, "Wouldn't I be the luckiest girl ever to have him as mine?"

As we walked side by side through the crowded airport he turned and asked me a question.

He smiled lightly and asked, "You know you never did tell me your name."

I turned to him. "My name is Brooklyn."

It wasn't long before fans started to crowd us and ask questions.


When Niall and I couldn't take anymore he turned to them and yelled slightly but firmly, "SHE MISSED HER FIGHT AND PROBABLY BECAUSE OF ME! IM JUST GIVING HER A RIDE! PLEASE DONT BE SO RUDE!"

All I heard before we boarded the plane was... "YA RIGHT!'" from a fan.

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