Staring at the stars

When Kaitlyn went to book club for the 3rd year she met a new boy just before book club named Miles. Like any love story, theirs will remain to them until you read the story of course.

I will publish 1-3 chapters every month until this love story is finished...


9. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I woke up at 11:29 and it was a really, really hot day. I checked my phone to know what the temperature is outside and it was 36 degree Celsius. I took a bath because I was sweating like a fat person running 10 meters. I wore my yellow sleeveless shirt with my denim pants which are just 2 inches below the knee. I went downstairs to eat brunch. I had the left over baby back ribs from last night after eating I went upstairs to get my phone and went downstairs in the living room. I watched the rewinds of Good Luck Charlie; I literally watched all of the episodes and all of the seasons. When I was at the middle of watching when a random number called, I answered it and it was Miles.

“Hey” he said

“Oh my gosh, I thought you were a secret stalker or something. But it’s just you”

“A secret stalker?”

“Yeah or something like that”

“Well that’s my number right there”

"Yeah I'll save it later, why did you call?"

"Nothing I just wanted to hear your voice again"

"We just met last night"

"Yeah I know but... Actually I have no excuse I just really wanna talk to you"

I just laughed on what he said and the he said

"I know our second date is on Wednesday but this is not a date but do you wanna go to the mall or something?"

"Sure I would love that"

"Where do you wanna go?"

"Can you just come over maybe bring some books?"

"That would be lovely"

“You know you don’t have to be so nice to me all the time”

“Yeah but I wan to be a real gentleman for you”

“You know you don’t have to copy Augustus. It would be alright if you acted like Tobias Eaton”

“Yeah but his a jerk at the beginning”

“You can choose who you want to be or rather just be yourself, I won’t care if you’re a jerk or not as long as you like me”

“Now you’re the one who’s being sweet”

“You really notice every single detail don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so”

Someone rang the doorbell and I opened the door still on my phone talking to him.

“Hey” I said


“Come in”

“Are you gonna end are call or should we keep talking here?”

“Oh yeah” I said and ended the call.

“I brought the book ‘If I stay’ and the ‘Matched’ series”

“”That’s awesome. Shall we go up to my room?”


My sister was at her tutor and my mom was waiting for her there and dad went to work so it's just the two of us. We went up and read some books

“Would you read to me” I asked

“But I’m terrible at reading out loud”

“It’s okay”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, of course”

He slowly read to me while I was laying my head in his right shoulder. I guess you could say the quote from TFIOS ‘I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly and the all at once’ is real. When he finished we looked at each other.

“Thanks for reading to me”

"I would do anything for you"

I blushed when he said that so I hugged him and said "Thanks for saying that but I already knew that" he laughed after I said that. After he laughed he said "I know I said I'll do it anything for you but your still gonna read to me when I ask you to"

"Okay, sure" I said while giggling. I always thought that I would be in love with a person that I knew, but no I fell in love with a cute stranger that kept on staring at me the first time that we met. I wondered if he thought that he would be in love with someone he knew too. I put my head on his shoulder and I tried to imagine what would I be doing today if I haven't met him or at least if he didn't asked me out or anything.

"Are you hungry?" I asked

"A little bit, why?"

"Wait right here!"I said

"Okay?" I said

"Okay." He said

"Now were just copying Hazel and Augustus"

He laughed and I went down to the kitchen and I made 2 sandwiches with ham, melted cheese and crispy lettuce. I toasted the bread just slightly and I brought it up to my room for us to eat, one for him and one for me. After we ate he said "Thank you for that delicious meal" I blushed and said it's just a sandwich and he said "Well for me it's the best tasting meal in the whole town, no the whole state" "It's just a sandwich not a meal plus the whole state?" I said with a loud voice "Well then let me correct myself. It's the best 'sandwich' in the state not the world cause c'mon no one is gonna beat my sandwich" he said while smiling at me "you really are full of yourself aren't you" i said while laughing "Yeah but now my head is full of you", even though it was a cheesy pick-up line I still fell for it. Maybe he's the perfect guy for me, maybe his my match like in the book 'Matched' (Matched is a book where their government assigns them with their perfect match at the age of 17 and marries them at the age of 21 and have a child at 24 and die at 80 and the main character which is Cassia is matched with his best friend Xander). Before he left I asked him if he already read the book Looking for Alaska by John Green and he said no and he said "I will read it if you read the book Shatter me by Tahere Mafi"

"I'm guessing that has guns and evil powers or at least a flaw in the one or two main characters there?"

"Guns and flaws yes. How did you know?"

"I may not have read this book yet but I may have known the plot"

"You really know your things about books, don't ya?"

"Books are my life, of course I know my books but of course my flaw is not knowing all of them"

"Of course who would?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Call me when you have questions or what not"

"Sure, well gotta go"

He left and I started reading the book and I finished 28 chapters already but of course I slept at 1:58 am.

The next day when I woke up I checked my phone but there was nothing from Miles, no missed calls, no emails and not even a text message. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I don't know why but for some reason I kept on checking my phone to see if there was any messages from him, but there was none. I wanted to call him but that would seem desperate right? Or maybe I was just being paranoid, maybe I should just ignore the fact that he hadn't contacted me for the past 24 hours. He never really called or left a message. I kept on thinking that I should call him but I also kept on thinking 'No! I shouldn't make the first move, the boy should always make that move' and I know I'm getting paranoid but I mean which girl wouldn't? Right or is that just the paranoia talking.

I couldn't sleep considering the fact he hasn't even texted and I kept checking my phone every minute. I know I was being paranoid but I didn't know what to do about it. I fell asleep probably around 3 in the morning. The next day I woke up at 12pm because I slept at 3am. I ate my breakfast and went upstairs and checked it again but still nothing so I finished reading the book and ended about 4:46 pm. I sometimes play the guitar so I played it today to get rid of my paranoia and after playing the guitar for 4 hours straight (my parents gave me a guitar and the Matched series for my 14th birthday and my sister had a flute and an album from the band that she loved but of course she stopped playing the flute since we were 16). Finally he called while I was outside in our backyard sitting down on the swing set that my dad bought when I was 9.

"Now you call" I said

"Why? Were you waiting all day?"

"No! Why would I?!?" I said but of course I was lying but I tried to make it convincing.

"Sorry I hadn't called lately I wanted to finish the book before I called. Do you know how many times I wanted to call you?!?" He said and I giggled

"So what did you think about Looking for Alaska?"

"It's great but why is the other character named after me?"

"Why do you think I introduced it to you?

He laughed yet just for a second, is there such a word for that. Maybe or maybe not.

"Hey do you wanna, no never mind"

"Wait what why?"

"Nothing I just don't want to put myself out there, you know?"

"No I don't"

I giggled for a bit and we had a moment of silence. I wanted to talk to him more but I couldn't, let me rephrase that, I shouldn't. I just said one last thing before I walk away "I... I have to go"

I didn't let him finish what he was gonna say, I just walked away slowly.

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