Staring at the stars

When Kaitlyn went to book club for the 3rd year she met a new boy just before book club named Miles. Like any love story, theirs will remain to them until you read the story of course.

I will publish 1-3 chapters every month until this love story is finished...


8. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Someone knocked on my door, it was Miles

Miles: "Hey"

Me: "Hi"

Miles: "What are you watching?"

Me: "Nothing yet just searching some hood movies. Any recommendations?"

Miles: "Have you watched Footloose?"

Me: "No"

Miles: "Want to watch it with me?"

Me: "Sure, just make sure that our movie date on Wednesday is great and you pick the movie I don't care what it is as long as it's in English and no horror but comedy horror is fine by me"

Miles: "Of course it's gonna be great and I shall grant your wish for the movie my Princess."

Me: "So you shall my handsome Prince" I said while laughing and he was laughing too

Miles: "Let's watch?"

Me: "Yeah"

We watched it until 6:45 P.M and for 5 minutes we just talked about the movie and then my mom called us for dinner which was Baby back ribs, fried chicken with gravy and I guess the strawberry tart was for dessert. I wondered why mom cooked a lot of food, maybe it was to impress Miles or something like that. While we were eating my dad asked Miles some questions

Dad: "So where did you two meet?"

Miles: "We met at book club while waiting for the door to open"

Dad: "So where do you live?"

Miles: "I live just a few blocks away"

I was surprised because I didn't know he was just a few blocks away. Or maybe not because he was gonna pick me up with his car on Wednesday.

Dad: "Oh okay. How many blocks away?"

Miles: "About 8-10 blocks away"

We had an awkward silence for a minute but Mom spoke

Mom: "Time for dessert?"

Me: "Yeah, sure mom" I said so mom got the dessert from the refrigerator and we ate until we finished

Me: "Dad were going up stairs for a few minutes" I said

Dad: "Yeah okay sure"

We went upstairs and talked about our date that we had just a few hours ago.

Me: "Thanks for a perfect first date"

Miles: "It was my pleasure to make you happy" he said, I smiled and looked at him while he was looking at me and for some reason I was tempted to kiss him but I didn't take the chance. He smiled and stopped looking at me.

Me: "I'm sorry"

Miles: "No, it's fine"

I kissed him in the cheek instead and hugged him and I whispered "thanks for being so sweet to me" "It's my pleasure" he said while he was smiling at me. "It's getting late I should go" he said, so I walked him outside to his car and when he got in the car I turned around and I saw my mom and dad looking at the window trying to hide behind the curtains. I went inside and mom said "how'd it went" I just laugh and smiled and leaned back against the wall smiling and standing. My parents asked me if I was fine and I laughed and they said "Our daughter is getting crazy" so I said "good night mom, good night dad" and I went back to my room. I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about him. But a few hours later I finally fell asleep.

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