She ran.

She knew nothing about everything. She felt hopeless the day, she was abducted by a known man. She knew who was.
She got a chance to ran away and she did,she ran to nowhere. Years later she decided to go back to her hometown, nobody will recognize her, from the tattoos and change.
She thought nobody would...


4. You don't understand

Her throat was dry, her body was numb and her emotions were calm but this time was different she was dying. But not likely to happen, Ivy wouldn't allow that to happen. 

She looked up at her clock beside her bed and sighted. It was 4 in the morning, she was sick of this cycle. Wake up, work, take drugs, work, wake up.She'd always wake up in a stranger's bed sometimes in her own bed, sometimes. 

She rolled over to the night stand and takes out a couple of pills. One for caffeine, two for confidence, third for the act. She doesn't mind selling herself, she really doesn't. 

A knock came from the door, making Abbey swallow the last pill and drink it down with water.

'Coming!' She shouted, as she ran for the door. 'You're early' She opened the door to another middle age lady but looked much worst than Abbey.

"Ivy! Get everything you need and live immediately!" The lady seemed stresses and scared at the same time. "Pack your shit and get out!" The lady shouted louder.

"What's wrong Maxi?" Abbey seemed curious.

"John is asking for you and I'm afraid this time he asks the right person and finds you." Maxi sprinted to Ivy's closet and throw the clothes to the floor. This time Ivy, listened and begin packing.


Twenty minutes later.

"Where are you going to go?" Maxi asked as she drove, far away from the apartment.

"My family" Ivy said as if she thought it out. "Maybe, Miami." She added. 

"You can't avoid them, that long." Maxi looked at Ivy and back on to the road.

"I can" Ivy said.Maxi sighted as she stopped in a parking lot. "Are you going to be al right?" 

"I don't know what happened but you can't just ran away for so long. They don't need to find out their daughter\sister has died over an overdose or murder. " Maxi lectured. " I don't know what shit went down but you can't keep running." 

"I'm tired of running but it's not like I can just go there. You don't understand!" Ivy got out of the car, slamming the door close. Maxi just sat there, stunned.





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