She ran.

She knew nothing about everything. She felt hopeless the day, she was abducted by a known man. She knew who was.
She got a chance to ran away and she did,she ran to nowhere. Years later she decided to go back to her hometown, nobody will recognize her, from the tattoos and change.
She thought nobody would...


13. My son will be back

"Good morning, help yourself to anything" She smiled as she gesturing to the kitchen. Of course the kitchen.  I walked to the coffee maker, and purred it into a mug.  "I haven't saw you around town, are you new?' 

"Um, " I froze, was I new ?  "Yes" I thought.

"Where did you live before here?" I turned around, seeing Vanessa again.

"New York" Half a lie. She nodded while purring coffee. "When do we start ?" I asked. Vanessa walked away, living me with a mother that has surely forgotten me.

"I've got a list of things that I need for my project, you'd be going into town as soon as I find the list." She laughed, she walked out of the kitchen followed by me. She lead to the study room again, "Here you go child, my son is coming home this evening, I would like to get everything together by then." I nodded.  "My car keys are in a bowl in the hallway." I nodded again following her extractions. 

I was relieved when I got outside, it's beautiful than ever. I knew how the car looked like, nothing changed by their lifestyle, except  Tomas replacing the absence and Vanessa being here.  



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