She ran.

She knew nothing about everything. She felt hopeless the day, she was abducted by a known man. She knew who was.
She got a chance to ran away and she did,she ran to nowhere. Years later she decided to go back to her hometown, nobody will recognize her, from the tattoos and change.
She thought nobody would...


8. it's all she has now.

She's been walking in the town she grew up in, her heels barely carrying her,her makeup darkened from the heat.

She took a right to a public toilet. She rinsed her face,getting ride of all the makeup and reapplying. She wondered as she stared back into the mirror,if they remember. She changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a logo of a band. She changed her heels into flats. She looked into the mirror for the last time, she didn't like what she sees but it's all she has now.

She walked back out and begin her search for a job.

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