She ran.

She knew nothing about everything. She felt hopeless the day, she was abducted by a known man. She knew who was.
She got a chance to ran away and she did,she ran to nowhere. Years later she decided to go back to her hometown, nobody will recognize her, from the tattoos and change.
She thought nobody would...


5. ~Fashback~

~Flash back~

"Abigail, sweetie don't be mean" A flashback to when Abbey was 13, she was pretty. With her golden locks and her eyes shone with the brightest blue. Her father was leaving to the market, leaving Abbey with her brother and his friend.

"Bye father' Tomas said, Abbey's brother as she walked to the drive way. He waved at him as he exited the drive way and speeded off. He shut the door close,and turned around. 

"If you need me, i won't be available so don't disturb me" Warned Abbey. Tomas mimicked  her  as she ran up the stairs.  Tomas was four years older than her, she was always the younger child. 


"Is dad, back?" Asked Abbey. Silence. She repeated but nothing again. She pushed forward the door and witnessed her brother sexually behaving but with a boy.  With his mate, or...  "Oops sorry!" She shut the door and ran back to her room. She never knew since that day, she wished she knew it some other way. Not witnessing it, just being told. Unlikely she never considered the options.

He came back a few hours later, he told her everything and why she should keep it to herself for awhile .She kept it since this day,she kept her word. 

Sometimes she felt miserably with it. She wanted her brother, to be who he is and not hide away. But she sometimes understood why. Maybe because of the people who believe it as a sin and will discriminate them.


Her father never came back that day, he died in a gun shot. Nobody knows, who, how and why. Nothing just the bullet straight in the chest, ripping the flesh to the rib cage and he eventually had to die, since help was too late.

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