She ran.

She knew nothing about everything. She felt hopeless the day, she was abducted by a known man. She knew who was.
She got a chance to ran away and she did,she ran to nowhere. Years later she decided to go back to her hometown, nobody will recognize her, from the tattoos and change.
She thought nobody would...


6. Alone and scarred

The streets won't pleasant, the people too.

Ivy tried to carry Abbey. but Abbey broke out. Abbey was scared, she was scared like that year she was abducted. Alone and scarred. She was running out of money, money to feed and shelter. She had nothing.Her poor heart was cold, no love in life. Her mind, was silent. One thought for all.


Her last pound was spent, on a bus ticket. She needed to go home, probably she's a forgotten history and anyways if she wasn't, know one won't recognize her from the heroine and drugs.

She leaned on the window, as she drift into a deep sleep.

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