love fame

Famous pop star Blossom.And famous boy-band one direction.
Will blossom and harry fall in love or will family tear them apart?
Will blossom over come her fear of falling in love?


10. Try To run

 Blossom's Pov

 My dad why was he here how is he here.I looked at him to find him smirking.Hatered in his eyes. "What are you doing here?" i said trying to sound confident.

"Oh,Look MY babies grown up but know one was there for you nobody to stop us from taking you." He said as he spat on my face.And a punch in the gut for trying to be brave.I let out a groan." Your wrong somone will come for me and you'll go back to jail." He took my hair and pulled so i would in his eyes. He stared to kiss my neck "STOP!!!" I screamed and i ooked behind him to see two men behind him staring and me.Tears brimmed in my eyes."STOP....PLEASE!!" He didn't stop.He kept kissing my neck.I sobed loudly.To shut me up he punched me in the mouth.He ripped of my shurt to my lace bra."PLEASE....PLEASE DON"T DO THIS PLEASE"He kept going he untied my hands i rembered a go fight.H took me out of the chair only to rip off mr pants leaving me in my underwear and bra.He raised his arm and knoced me out for them to take aventage of me.

I fell into a dark abyess.

Harry"s Pov

The boys and I found Blossom's Tour bus. The door was left open we walked in and the boys sat down on the couches.I went to the back and found what i think was blossoms room.She wan't there guess she went out.I went back to were to the boys were."Hey she must of went out.We should just stay here till she comes back."

-3hours later-

We heared he door open in waled in what i think was her mom."What are you boys doing here?" she questioned."Were here for blossom we what to say sorry for here about yesturday" I said

.She froze."I she not in her room?she asked worried.We all shoke our heads"No."We all answered ."This is very bad." she said.

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