love fame

Famous pop star Blossom.And famous boy-band one direction.
Will blossom and harry fall in love or will family tear them apart?
Will blossom over come her fear of falling in love?


8. The News

Blossom's Pov

      I woke up in my bunk again with a massive headache. I sat up and went to the kitchen to fix my self a bowl of cerel.i went back to my bunk and sat on my bed. I turned on the tv.And was shocked at what i saw

"Bossom ran off stge last night after the first song. Lets see what the audience had to say about this matter."

"Some people are saying that her mom has cancer and she could not finish the song."

"Some are saying she is pregant and the father didn'y want the baby."

"I don't really know but she locked he-"

I stopped there i remeber last night. I started to cry into my pillow there was a knock at my door."Go away!!!" I screamed I heared the door open and foot steps more than one foot steps."sorry baby we can't!"

I tried to kick and scream. Then one of the men shove somethin in my mouth.All i saw was darkness.

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