love fame

Famous pop star Blossom.And famous boy-band one direction.
Will blossom and harry fall in love or will family tear them apart?
Will blossom over come her fear of falling in love?


7. The concert


 I talked to Paul about what happened he said he'll cancel the concert at any time but the arena it was packed.The crowd even started a chat."BLOSSOM.BLOSSOM.BOLSSOM.BLOSSOM!!!!" i heared the stage manger directed me to my dressing room and i founed my outifit wich look loked like this:

And my hair looked like this:

After i was finished i got ready to get on stage.When it was finally time i went up there said Hi to them.i stared with I won't give up.

"When I look into your eyes. Its watching the night sky,Or a beautiful sunrise.Theres so much they hold.And just like them old stars.See you come so far to where you are how old is  your soul. I won't give up on us.Even is the skies is rough. I giving you all my love.I'm still looking up.I won't on us. Even if the skies gave up. God know were worth it.

I finish and relize i was crying. And all the fans were to and waving candels."I'm so sorry i just can't." I ran off stage and locked myself in the make-up room."Blossom... please come out."Paul said."I can't paul...i just can't it remize me of..of everthing."I said through sobs."Bloosom sweetie please."My mom said i opened the door and saw her standing there. i went to hug her and sobed into her shoulder.


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