love fame

Famous pop star Blossom.And famous boy-band one direction.
Will blossom and harry fall in love or will family tear them apart?
Will blossom over come her fear of falling in love?


2. On the bus


Blossom's Pov

 Paul my manger is blabbering about my schedule.Again"After we finish New York, then we'll go to New Hampshire." I hear this every night after my concert."Alright Paul i'm gonna go to bed." i heard Paul groan."I'm not done with my schedule.But a star on the rising needs her beauty sleep. Night doll." "Night. " I went to my bathroom  took a shower washed my hair my face to get off my make-up.I checked tweeter Just like i though hate but by now i'm used to it.

@blossoms_ofically Great i went to your concert i have to go to the doctors cuz i'm deaf by terribile music,your music!#yousuck!

Well that hurt.I put down my phone and put it on my charger. i brought up my cover(blanket).And fell to a deep sleep to do it all again.

Harry's Pov

The boys and I got the day off to do what we want. We all went to see this girl perform at time her name i think.She came on stage wearing  cute black and white poka-dot dress. 

"Hey guys how are you!" she screamed in the mic her voice was beautful.The crowd screamed she laughed.I love her laugh."Alright lets get started!"she yelled again. I concert was over soon but not soon enough.She did a meet and greet and left.The boys and I went to get something to eat."Niall was having a really hard time trying to deside what he what'd to eat. Classical niall.After we ate and went to the hotal and went to sleep.

I just what to show you what blossoms pjs look like. 


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