love fame

Famous pop star Blossom.And famous boy-band one direction.
Will blossom and harry fall in love or will family tear them apart?
Will blossom over come her fear of falling in love?


1. Meet ME!

 Before i start i just want to say that i own none  of the songs or people but the main character is mine sooo yea!!



 "Hey guys how are you!" I heard the crowd scream. I could not help but laugh it was funny this many people showed up. I'm in time square arena by the way ."Alright let's get started!" the band started with problem.

  "Hey baby even though I hate ya i wanna love ya (i want you) and even though I can't forgive ya I really want to I want you.Tell me tell me baby Why can't you leave me?'Cuz even though i shouldn't want want it i gotta have it (i want you)Head in the clouds.Got no weight on my shoulders. I should be wiser and realize that i got.

The song ended and so did the concert. I went back stage and went to wordrobe."You did amazing!" my hair dresser meg said."Thank you meg. I didn't think their be that many people.""Oh you were fine!Next time just calm down i little i could see you tense when i did you were walking on stage! And done!" I was looking down at me phone so i didn't notice she  was done already"thanks Meg." I walked out  of my dresssing room to the meet in greet.

There were so many fans!I took pictures. Talked a little. And then was whisted away to my tour bus.Oh escuse my manners my name is Blossome .I'm 20 years old soon to be 21.I have long  blounde hair and cristial blue eyes.And i'm on tour!


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