"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel like you, too, can become great..."
~Mark Twain


3. III

I sat myself on a bench outside of the airport for no other reason but to wait for something to come along. I would catch myself falling asleep every once and a while but I tried my best to stay awake as much as possible. The last thing I need is someone coming along and stealing my stuff while I'm asleep. Every so often, someone would come sit next to me. They'd stare at my bruised face and never look twice. Eventually they got up and that was that. I would check my phone every so often only to see James calling me or leaving me messages that I never answered, over 100 to be exact. It was 7 am and the sun was just about up....


"Excuse me, miss." A somebody said from behind me. I turned around to see a young man who looked a little older than I. He was nicely put together, his hair was jelled back and he smelled like the men's section of a department store. It was a pleasant surprise after such a horrible night. "Do you mind if I take a seat next to you?" His voice was deep and raspy and it sent a warm feeling down my back. 


"Um, yea go ahead." He was the first one to ask all night, not that I cared but he was the first one to actually acknowledge my existence. He took a seat next to me, looked at me quickly and then turned away. But then he turned back and gave me a really sincere smile.


"So...where are you coming from?" He asked and for some reason, I didn't feel like lying. He was so inviting and so alluring that I wanted to tell him about last night. Even though so far I've only spoken not even five words to him, I wanted to tell him my entire life story.


"Nowhere, I'm leaving...well trying to." He gave me a strange look, but not the same strange look I've been getting from everyone all night. It was cute.


"Then, I'm sorry but you're at the wrong side of the airport." We both laughed, the first I'm doing so in a few days, and I began to feel a bit bad for myself.


"I'm not actually leaving the country. I just....Never mind, I'm sure you don't have time to listen to me complain." He gave me that sincere smile again and I found my self smiling along.


"Believe me, I've got more time than you think." I bit my lip and thought about whether I should tell him? I don't even know his name. I watched as he pulled out a piece of gum. He offered me some, but I shook my head and turned away. I could feel his eyes beaming into my back as I waited for the awkward moment to pass but it never did. "Okay if you won't tell me, then I'll have to guess." I turned to see the exact smile I was expecting and I could help but smile a bit back. "Alright let's see." He tapped his chin and raised his eye brow, obviously trying to make me laugh and I tried my best not to but I let out a small giggle. "You're from New York, right?" I nodded my head, curious to see what else he had to say. "Your father is a New York City cop, your mother is a music teacher." I could feel a smile stretching across my face for everything he said is true. "You're a dancer and you moved here for a guy?" He questioned and I watched as he searched my face for some kind of answer. "You're a dancer but you didn't move here for a guy, you just did it for the adventure."


"How the-" I was in complete awe. This random guy I've never met in my life knows more about me than my damn dance teacher. "How do you know all of this? Am I that predictable?"


"Well let's see, your accent, the fact that your jacket says NYPD, and your hair is purple. I took a wild guess on the whole mom is a music teacher thing." We stared at each other for a good minute before anything was said and the longer I looked at him, the more intrigued I became. Then all of a sudden I became really confused and overwhelmed.


"Hold on a minute. So you got all of that just by looking at me? We've only met not 10 minutes ago and you already know more about me than I will probably ever know about you! I don't even known your name and I-" I just stopped and watched his face go from happy and accomplished to serious and concerned. He could sense my caution. He swallowed hard and looked me in the eyes. My pulse began to quicken and I felt as if I was going to vomit right then and there. He looked away and began to get up.


"I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you or anything like that I j-"


"Don't leave." I mumbled before he got up. He turned back to me with that sincere smile again and I felt my  my wrist begin to ache. As I looked at it, he noticed the marks and then it quickly became awkward again. "I'm Aria Lewis," I whispered.


"Harry Styles." It was silent for a few more minutes and all that filled the air was the sound of planes taking off and landing and the sounds of busting cars driving along the street in front of us. "What are your plans for the rest of the day?" He asked, breaking the silence, as he stared straight into the traffic.


"Sitting here, waiting." I answered honestly. He briskly turned his head and observed my appearance one more time. He then placed a hand on my shoulder and I jumped a little.


"Come to my place and I'll make you breakfast and tea, you look cold." He offered. For some reason, I felt obligated to say yes. If I didn't I knew that I would be stuck on this bench for god knows how long. 


"Okay," I gave him a nice smile and he got us a cab to his place. He helped me place my bag in the trunk, held the door for me and took a seat next to me in the roomy taxi. He told the driver where to go and he zoomed away from the curb and as we pulled away I could help but think about what I could be possibly getting myself into.

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