One shot Poem.


1. Family is forever.

She walked down the aisle that would change her life forever.

The man of her dreams stood there staring at me.

She finally stood still in font of him smiling nonstop.

As her mother and father gave her away they whispered."Family is forever,and forever will stay."

They exchanged rings and kissed walking away.

Two years and nine months later their first child was born.

Family is forever.

Mommy and daddy struggled at first,but eventually caught on.

Watching you grow like a weed,feeding you changing you and loving you continuously.

On the first born fifths birthday they gave you a locket.

On the front it said"Family is forever,and forever will stay"

You cherished it until you couldn't wear it anymore.

On your fifteenth birthday,you had spent it alone.

Your family wasn't family anymore.

With a missing peace and two broken hearts.

You whispered."Family is forever,and family is strong."

You and your family cried at the grave of your once beloved one

You sat there crying,when finally you deiced to walk away.

Your turned around and whispered "Family is forever,and forever we'll stay."


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