A little bit more than vacation!!!! ( Magcon fanfiction )

Ashlyn and Brooklyn are cousins but are as close as sisters and they are going on vacation to North Carolina!

Will they find love with some of the magcon boys?
Or will there friendship be ruined by this?


8. suprise, maybee??๐ŸŒŸ

Ashlyn POV

We were listening to music on the way to the hotel when, Brook screamed,


"Yesss good idea," Matthew said.

"Ya we can swim and ride all the water rides."

The rest of the ride we talked about going to the water park.

We pulled up at the hotel and walked to our room.

I opened the door and James ( my ex ) grabbed me and brooks arm and hit me in my face.

I screamed and that's when the boys came in and got James off me and Brook ; and started punching him.

Brook ran to me and I started crying. I had a bruise on my face and we both had scratches all down our arms.

"What in the hell is your problem,"

I screamed!

Then brook gave me one of her you know I have cursing looks but then I looked away because James started to speak.

"Ashlyn please give me another chance. I did not mean to hurt you both times I'm sorry, please, I promise you if you take me back I will never hurt again," James said.

"That's what you said last time and I fell for it I'm not doing it again and I don't believe in chances. Now just go away and leave me alone!" I screamed.

*** at this point he was back to being close to me and was only hand reach away from me ***

"All I'm asking for is one and only final chance," James said.

"I will NEVER go out with you and see you ever again, so leave me alone stalker, I said

He reached over and tried to punch me in my face but Nash ran over and stopped his hand in mid air and him and the rest of the boys made him leave.

~Brooklyn's POV~

Me and ash packed our bags after James and picked out outfits for when we went to the water park.

Ashlyn wore a pastel pinkfloral bandeau bikini with a pastel pink lace crop top with acid wash high waisted shorts and vans

And I wore my black cheetah bandeau bow bikini with a plain black crop top and studded high waisted shorts. With cheetah print converse.

We walked out the closet and walked to where the boys where waiting and went to the car.

The car ride there was silent and a little awakwerd because of what happened. I wanted to brake the silence so I screamed the top of my lungs.

"Omg broom are you Ok,"carter asked?

"Ya um fine it was just a little too quite"

"Well we are almost here now so don't scream again you will burst my ear drums," Taylor said.

I had to go through another ten minutes of boring driving before we got there

"What do y'all want to do first," Ashlyn asked?

"Well clearly the water slides," Nash said.

"We know that but which one, ash asked?

"THE BIGEST ONE!!!!"Mathew screamed

We made our way to the water slide and surprisingly there wasn't many people at the water park so there was a tiny line but ash was still inpatient.

We finally go to the front of the line and it was a one person slide that you got in a dark tunnel where you couldn't see and then it drooped you almost straight down

"uhhh who wants to go first?" Nash said

"ME," Brook and Ashlyn said at the same time

"You can go first And I'll go second if you want brook ," ash said

"Sure that's cool." I said

To be truthful I was a little scared but I wanted to go first. I went down the slide and my tummy got butterfly's and o was screaming.

After every one had finished the biggest slide we went to go on a group slide but it was for five people and there where already three people going on the slide

"Ash you wanna go with me," Nash asked?

She looked at me and I whispered go

"Umm yea sure," ash said

That Ment I was with

Cameron, Taylor, carter and Matthew

Which I didn't mind but it was a bit awkward because all of them had been staring at me.

And now it was our turn

It wasn't a scary ride but it was still fun.

After the we rode all the other rides and then got dressed and went to the car.

"I AM HUNGRY," Matthew said.

" aren't you always?" I said

"Hey I have to my beauty food!" He said

"Ok whatever let's go to Taco Bell" Nash suggested

"Yea sure" ash replyed

We walked into Taco Bell and I got a call from one of my old best friends so i told them I would be right back and went out side to talk

~ Maddie!! I missed you so much since you moved to north Carolina!!!

I misa you so much too!!!!

Wait wait wait wait I'm in North Carolina I can come see you!

Yesss. Can you come tonight and spend a night?

Um yea I guess I'll call you back in a while I have to eat

Talk to you later~

After that I went back inside and ate and told them I wasn't gonna be there that night and we left and the car and went to Nash's house

~Ash's POV~

Brook left the house around 7:00 p.m. and that's when ash told us it was her birthday. Matthew had the best idea ever to throw her a surprise party one where you have to wear dresses and dress up and all that. Nash and ash went to the mall to get her a new dress.

Nash - do you no what she likes

Ash - anything from forever 21

We went to that store and Nash keep on picking out the worlds uglyest dresses ever so

We went to that store and Nash kept on picking out the world's uglyest dresses ever. Ash walk around the corner and squiled she had a baby blue strapless dress that stops right by the knees and has diamond studs and sparkles all over the top and then there are less and less as it goes down.

Ash - she going to love this dress

Nash - good , do you have a dress to wear

Ash - no I didn't think a out that

Nash - while were here wanna look for a dress for you

Ash - sure thanks

We looked around a little longer until Nash found a dress for me it was black with sparkles all over and one full arm sleeve and stops just above my knees.

"Omg Nash I love it."

"I thought you would."

We paid for the dress and headed back to the house and when we got there the place was all ready set for the party.

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