A little bit more than vacation!!!! ( Magcon fanfiction )

Ashlyn and Brooklyn are cousins but are as close as sisters and they are going on vacation to North Carolina!

Will they find love with some of the magcon boys?
Or will there friendship be ruined by this?


14. amazingggg ๐Ÿ‘‘

~Nash's POV~

Ashlyn answered the door and she honestly looked amazing.

"Umโ€ฆ are you ready to go? I asked nervously.

"yes, where are we going?" She asked smiling

"Well that's a surprise," I said taking hold of her hand as I lead her our of the house into my car

The restaurant I was taking her only took about 10 minutes so before I knew it we where there

So I jumped out the car and ran to her side to open the door for her.

She got out and I took a hold of her hand again; bringing her inside the restaurant.

"Nash you shouldn't have, this is way too fancy," she said when she saw the inside of the place

"Is it too much do you want to leave?" I asked wanting to do whatever made her happy

"No, it perfect," she said as she playfully hit my arm

"May I help you?" A girl with brown hair and green eyes asked

"Um yes reservations for Grier please," I said

"Ohhh yes right this way" she said leading us to a private table with rose petals on the floor and table

"Nashhhhhhh," Ashlyn said

"Yesssssssss" I said

"Your so amazing" she said

~Brooklyn's POV~

As soon as I heard Ashlyn and Nash drive off I ran downstairs to find all the boys on the couch

"So what's up," I asked

"Just watching tv," Taylor answered

With that I ran to the side of the couch where the remote was sitting and change the channel to Criminal minds (I have a strange obsession with this show)

"that's not fair" Matt said

"This show is amazing just watch it" I told him as I jumped into the empty spot next to him

After two minutes of watching the show I started uncontrollably laughing because there was this creepy guy that the guys keep making jokes about

"I don't see why your crusty self has to keep wiping your hands I mean you kill people you can't get any dirtier you crusty person," Taylor said making me laugh

"Ok I'm getting popcorn who want some" I said still laughing a bit

"Me" they all shouted

I went to the kitchen and go together the popcorn and separated into 2 bowls

"Here" I said handing Cameron and Taylor a bowl of the popcorn since they where on the other side

Then as I sat down I felt a piece of popcorn hit my head

"I don't know who did that but it's so on" I said as I threw a handful of popcorn at all of them causing a huge popcorn fight

~Ashlyn's POV~

"So are we going back to your house?" I asked as he lead me back out the restaurant

"Actually no I have to show you something" he said as we both got back in the car

"What is it?" I asked

"This ones really a surprise he said as he put a blindfold over my head and started to drive

I felt the car stop and Nash got out and started to to walk me somewhere.

Then he took of my blindfold.

It was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life ; we where Standing in the middle of this huge field of flowers, with a walkway through the middle that led to a cute little river with a bridge over it.

"Come on let's go" Nash said grabbing hold of my hand and brining me to the bridge

When we made it to the bridge He grabbed my waisted and started to stared at my lips. Until I closed my eyes and our lips crashed together.

It was honestly amazing not that perfect cliche princess story when "sparks fly" but the kind of kiss that leaves butterflies in your stomach

" I know this is strange because I haven't known you long but I love you," he said pulling away

"I love you too," I said kissing him one more time before made our way back to the car

"Tonight was amazing I hope we can do this again," I said as we where on the porch of his house

"Me too," he said smiling as he opened the door

~Nash's POV~

I opened the door to find the boys and brook all sleeping with a mess of popcorn everywhere


Sorry for this chapter being so short, but I hope you like it

And leave feedback and tell me if you have any ideas! :)

Stay fabulous. #nashlyn

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