A little bit more than vacation!!!! ( Magcon fanfiction )

Ashlyn and Brooklyn are cousins but are as close as sisters and they are going on vacation to North Carolina!

Will they find love with some of the magcon boys?
Or will there friendship be ruined by this?



~Brooklyn's POV~

UGGHH why does Ashlyn's grandma have to drive so slow I mean she's not even like one of those old grandmas who ya know are just old. She's actually young and cool ; but she just drives like a turtle! Well why I'm waiting might as well tell you about my self I'm Brooklyn, Ashlyn is my cousin but she's like a little sister, we do like every thing together! We are finally getting to go on vacation alone and PARTY!!!! My mom and her grandma never let use do anything alone but I understand I'm a little protective over Ashlyn too I mean she has been through alottt

Dinggggg ding ding dinggggggggg

"I got it mom," I screamed as I ran down the stairs and opened the door and let Ash and Mrs. Marisa (her grandma) in.

~Ashlyn's POV~

I walk in side and her mom Mrs. Janine gibes me one of her famous bear hugs they walked to the patio and started talking y they waited for Brookie to get her bags and stuff. So, me and Brookie went up the stairs to her room and I was so exited and couldn't even hold it in!


"Ash Ikr it gonna be so much fun !!!!!!!!! But chill and your usualy telling my to chill lol"

"Ik brook but I can't wait for all these cute boys and maybe you will find the one" I say nudging her in the side

"Ya right we should try to be a little careful the world isn't perfect and you should know that"

"Ya ya ik your always planning and making sure everything is perfect"

"Yea sorry ash but I really should find where I put my bags I'll be right back"

I try not to think about what happened between me and my dad after my mom but brooks allways bringing it up like damn… but I don't mind sometimes bc she's got me through a lot of stuff ; like I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for her helping me out but still…

"Ash let's go so we can say good bye "


We walked down stairs and I could allready hear my g (grandma) and mrs Janine crying

This is gonna be harder than I thought…then thankfully brook interrupted the silence

"Um mom well we were about to leave and stuff"

"Yea me and brook can't miss our flight to North Carolina

Before me and Brookie knew it we were all in a group hug but me a d brook stoped it and said we really had to go and I heard g tell brook to watch out for me

Sometimes I wish I could just watch myself

~Brooklyn's POV~

I could she that something was bothering ash but I just brushed it off and waited till later to ask about it and me and he headed to get in our convertible that me and her saved up forever to get

We both got in and I turned on the car and the music was still on from the last time we were driving

~You know what to do with that big fat butt

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Just a little bit~

Me and her both laughed and talked about how weird some some songs were

But then before we got to the air port

I stop to get us some thing to eat

I already knew that ash wanted pizza she had an obsession and I guess I was getting Wendy's so we could both get Frosty's.

We ate in the car then we drove another 5 minutes then we were at the airport and before we knew it we where boarding the plane

"Ash I'm scared"

"Me too brook"

Me and ash had never really been fond of planes bc we would always

Look up plane story's and read about all the crashes

Me and Ash decided to watch a movie but she crashed out so I shut my laptop and went to sleep on her shoulder and then woke up to her poking me on the face because we had landed.

A/n. There are actualy two people writing this together over text messages so sorry if it's bad😂 but I hope you do like it but plz give feedback and share if you have any ideas😃and also sorry that the magcon boys aren't in the first chapter but they will be in the second and all the rest!!!!!

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