More Than Friends {Hetalia FanFic}

Reyna is Romano and Feliciano's brother. She represents Central Italy. Reyna is the middle child and Her brothers are both pretty over protective. One day she meets Arthur and knows he's England before he tells her. He helps her and she trusts him. They become friends and maybe...... Something more.


1. Arthur....

I walk down stairs and Romano greets me. Feliciano is cooking, probably pasta. "Morning Reyna." Romano says, turning to me. I just nod and walk over to Feli. "Heya, Feli. Whatcha cooking?" I ask, putting my hand on his shoulder. "Just-a making pasta. Ludwig might come over today-a." He says, stirring the pasta. "That's-a great. Well, I'm-a going to go on a walk" I say, heading towards the door. "Alright-a, be-a careful! Watch out for-a England's soldiers." Feli says, still paying attention to his pasta. "I will Feli." I respond and walk out the door.

I walk on a path in the woods and I see a man in a dark green outfit. It looks a lot like England's. I glance at his face before diving behind a tree and cutting my arm.

Stupid Reyna. Grandfather Rome help me. I think and try to keep from crying out. Tears swell in my eyes and I can't hold them back. I cry out then I look up to meet emerald green eyes. "Are you alright, love?" He asks, looking at me concerned.

"Yes-a. I-it's just a little cut." I say, covering the gash. England sees right through it and says,"Really? Remove your hand." I take my hand off and crimson blood is on my hand and all over my arm. "I can help you if you want me to." He says, kneeling down to my level. I just nod and look at him. He slings the bag that he was carrying out from around his shoulder an rummages through it. He pulls out a small wipe and cleans the cut. "The cuts pretty deep but it will heal." He says then wraps my cut in a soft fabric. "Thank you." I say, looking at my arm. "Your welcome." He says, smiling. "What is your name-a?" I ask, I never knew England's real name. "Arthur Kirkland." He says," what's yours?" "Reyna Veneziano." I say as he helps me stand up. "Also I'm a country..... England." He says like he is scared I wouldn't understand. "Me-a too. Well me-a and my-a bothers." I say, looking into his emerald eyes. "Which country?" He asks. "You'd-a probably shoot me if I told you." I say. I was being truthful. "Alright..... I promise I won't shoot you, Reyna." He says, nodding. "Ok... I-Italy." I say, fearing his reaction. He looks stunned.

"So your brothers are Romano and Feliciano?" He asks. We had decided to go to a small café. "Yes." I say, nodding. The waitress slides a small bowl of pasta in front of me and puts a cup of tea in front of Arthur. "They are North and South Italy so what part of Italy are you?" He asks, jeez he has a lot of questions. "Central Italy." I respond and take a bite of pasta. "That's nice. Well I probably need to get going. Alfred wanted me to meet him at the air field." Arthur says, standing up and putting the money on the table. "Alfred?" I ask confused. "My brother, America." He says. We walk out the door and he catches my arm after we say goodbye. "Hopefully I can see you again soon, love." He says, bright green eyes sparkling. "I-a hope so, Arthur." I say, nodding. He let's go of my arm and we go our separate ways.

When I get home, Romano and Feli are sitting on the couch. "Finally, your-a back!" Feliciano says, smiling. Me and Romano have a silent greeting and I'm happy for the rest of the day.

"Why are-a you so preppy today?" Romano asks me that night. "I met someone on my walk." I say, looking at my arm. It's still wrapped. "Who?" Romano asks. "Arthur Kirkland......."

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