My name is Alex. I'm 15. There have been kidnapping going on since I can remember. It hasn't happened to me until one day I was all alone walking home. Then it happened.


3. Three

I was untied and dragged out of the room by a woman she told me that I would regret talking and then put me in a room with a wooden frame, tied my hands up above my head and feet spread one metre apart so I couldn't move then got a riding crop and stood in front of me. She laid it in her hand then whacked me in the face with it. "My name is Clarice and you will do what I say. If I say go in to the big freezer in a bikini you will. Ok." She barked "Yes." I replied. "Good now this is what happens when you disobey rules." Clarice hit me on the face again with her riding crop. I looked at the floor. She got the crop under my chin and lifted it up. "Strong jaw, deep emerald green eyes, long red hair. Yep you will do nicely. I can easily hold you for auction." She untied me and I fell to the floor.


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