My name is Alex. I'm 15. There have been kidnapping going on since I can remember. It hasn't happened to me until one day I was all alone walking home. Then it happened.


1. One

The pad of my feet was all I could hear. It was silent. So silent that not even the wind dare blow. I was on my way back from school. My road was empty. No car was coming and no cow was mooing. I couldn't get how silent it all was. Normally this would calm my nerve, but not now I was in danger. Just walking alone could mean anything. The hairs on my neck stood on ends. Lately there have been attempted kidnappings. It always happens this time of year. It's always people around my age. 13-16 year olds go missing every year. Never in my town but around it. My mum picks me up from school at this time of year but she was at work. So once I turned 13 I was in danger. I'm now 15 so I have two more years of it. 

I heard the roar of a car behind me. I looked back and saw a car speeding off. I turned back and kept walking. I then saw a car come out of a driveway I thought it would just drive past but it didn't. Instead it parked in the middle of the road. I looked back again and realised a car was following me, slowly and quietly so I could not hear. 

I started to speed up and then looked back once again. The other side of the road was blocked. I was trapped. I paused to breath when a hand came to each of my arms. I struggled and started to kick the person. They let go so I dumped my bag and ran. But at the other end people had spread them selves out like a spider web. I was the fly. No chance of escaping but I tried. They caught me. A man held me down while a woman bound my legs, arms, eyes and gagged me. I was thrown into a boot when finished. 

It is dark and I can't move. I'm scared for my life. No one that has been kidnapped at this time of year has been found. The car rattles as it goes up down hill and stops at traffic lights. Every time it stops I hit the ceiling. I want to be home and I want to be out of here.

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