My name is Alex. I'm 15. There have been kidnapping going on since I can remember. It hasn't happened to me until one day I was all alone walking home. Then it happened.


5. Five

The air smelled like a Christmas roast. The table was set. The tree in the lounge. My parents together in the kitchen cooking. It was my last Christmas. Everything was right. No fighting. No yelling and no boxes in the driveway in front of the house. We sat down at the table. I went to get a big piece of tofu when I saw Clarice in the window. She was watching me. Outside was black. My mother turned to me and said "I'm sorry but we had to." Then the black came in and so did Clarice and some others. They got me by the arms and dragged me out. I was thrown in a big army car and it drove off. It was dark again then light. I was chained to a pole and it was an auction but I was the item. It went up and up. I saw my farther. He just stood there he tried to get me but just couldn't. He was to far. As I was dragged away once more it went dark and I saw him he mouthed sorry.

I lay in bed with sweat dripping around my face. It was nothing it was just a dream. But it seemed so real. 

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