My name is Alex. I'm 15. There have been kidnapping going on since I can remember. It hasn't happened to me until one day I was all alone walking home. Then it happened.


8. Eight

The day of the auction.

My nerves jingle. Today's the day. It's auction day. I'm led into a small room. Some clothes were chucked at me. I put them on. They were the most beautiful clothes I had seen. If only the thing is was wearing them for was something good. It was a ruby red sequinned bodice and a pair of black sequinned leggings. My hair was left loose, black eyeliner and red lipstick was put on. When I was finished I was led back to my room were Luke was waiting, with a pair of brown board shorts on.

Tied up again. Legs tied to the ones of the chair. Hands tied to back of chair. The rope is making burn marks. And waiting is making it worse. Luke looks at me. His look was a stop it or we'll get it. I stopped. We sat there.

Our turn came. Before we were led out Luke slid his chair over to me. He sat next to me. He said"no matter what happens I will always love you Alex and no matter how far apart we are I will be with you." He kissed me but longer than ever. We went out at the same time.

The glare and flash of the lights. I couldn't see a thing. I could only here the up roar of voices as people started whispering amongst them selves.

I waited on the stage makeup done and dressed up until the bidding started. It took a little while until the auctioner(i dont know what they are called) started it of for me at $500. A man in a green hat raised his hand.
$600. For a man in a dark brown trench coat
$700 to a young man in his late teens by the  

looks of it.
It went in between these three until the green hat man dropped out at $1000. Yes $1000.
It went from the young one and the man in the trench coat until finally $2000 the young man won. I was lead down off the stage to the waiting man. He lead me of to his car in wich he had a girl waiting there already. I sat beside her as the man went of again.

"My name is Ty. That was clive my brother. He has gone back to get luke." Said the girl called Ty.
"How do you know luke?" I asked. I was a very curious person.
"He is our younger brother. He went missing six months ago. We went around  the town looking for where he could be." Explained Ty. "Then we were lead to this place."
"Why me."
"Because the way Luke kept looking at you on stage we knew he loved you so we couldn't keep you two apart."
"Okay." I nod
I slowly fall asleep in the car leaning on Ty's shoulder. I didn't even realise how tired I was.
But before I went to sleep I heard her mumble. 
"I'm sorry they want you. But you will have a new home and family. I'm sorry."



so sorry I have been away so I haven't updated. What will happen to Alex. I'm not sure if I should make sequel or just keep going with this one. Can you guys help me. And thank you to every one that reads this book. 175 reads. I cant believe it. It might not be a lot to most of you but every like, read, favourite and comment makes me happy. XD happy rainbow unicorn. Thanks. Mystery girl signing out.

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