Detective Conan: A Wolf's Moon

Conan Edogawa and Heiji Hattori aren't the ONLY detectives around! Meet Tsuki Kushinada, a former actor/singer known as Okami, and the Southern Detective. She became a detective due to a tragic case in her past, that SHE solved! She's not a very happy person, and tends to distance herself from boys. She absolutely ADORES Ran, calling her nice and cute. What happens when she discovers Conan's secret? And what happens when Heiji discovers HERS?!


1. The Detective from the South

This case had him completely baffled. He once again glanced over at the body outline, checking for anything he might have missed. Sighing, he removed his large glasses and wiped them off with his jacket. Nearby stood his friend and fellow detective Heiji Hattori, who was obviously just as confused as he was. The body had been found early that morning; a young woman named Seika Ayasegawa was discovered shot and killed in her apartment, however not a single bullet could be found. At first, Inspector Megure suspected the bullet passed through the body, however no exit wound could be found. When the body was taken to the morgue and closely examined, all they discovered was the primer of a police issued revolver that was reported missing a month ago. No casing. Conan Edogawa, secretly known as Shinichi Kudo the East Detective, was stumped.

"This is insane," Kogoro Mouri (a P.I. and Conan's "Case Dummy"), "bullets don't just disappear into thin air."

Megure nodded, "But where is it then?"

"Well," Heiji stepped forward, "we have ruled out the possibility of an exit wound and the autopsy report couldn't tell us anything. Excuse me, Dr. Akiyama," a younger looking man holding a manila folder glanced over, "around what time did you say you found the body?"

"It was around three o'clock this afternoon," the man replied, "I had some paperwork I needed her to sign and she wasn't scheduled to work for another week due to her grandmother's passing. They needed to go out ASAP, so I made a house call. I found her apartment door wide open and Seika on the floor."

"Mhmm," Heiji turned back to Megure, "and what time did the 911 call come in?"

Megure glanced at the notepad he was holding, "At exactly three o' five. The body was said to have been dead for three hours."

"However," Conan interjected, "there was no evidence stating that the killer had removed the bullet himself."

"Hey, you little runt," Kogoro lifted the seven year old up by the back of his blue jacket, "I told you to stay out of the way! Why don't you go find Ran?"

"She went with Sonoko to the mall today," the boy glared, "she told me to have a "bonding" day with you."

"The only chance of us bonding is in a nuclear accident!"

"My," Megure suddenly panted, taking off his coat, "does she always keep the heater on this high?"

"Are you kidding me," Akiyama chuckled, "she was always complaining about how cold it was, even in the summer. I guess that's what happens when you're born in a place as warm as Hawaii."

Heiji glanced over in surprise, "She was born in Hawaii?"

"Yeah. Apparently her parents moved there and she was born not long after."

"You sure know a lot about this woman," Conan said, trying to seem innocent, "did you have a crush on her?"

Akiyama became a deep red, "No, no. Nothing like that. We were just very good friends. Besides, I'm happily married. See?"

He lifted up his left hand to show his ring, a thick piece of silver with a small diamond imbedded inside.

"Wow," Conan gently took his hand to examine it closer, "it's pretty. What's your wife's look like?"

"The same," he chuckled, "only hers has an emerald on either side of the diamond."

"If we could get back to the case, Doctor," Heiji said sternly, "do you know of anyone who would want to harm Ms. Ayasegawa? A resentful client, perhaps?"

"Now that you mention it," Akiyama gasped, "there was a guy in the hospital about three weeks ago claiming to be Seika's boyfriend. But when he approached her, she looked terrified. It was as though she saw a ghost. We had security escort him out when he tried to take her with him against her will. Later on, she told me she had dumped that man when he became very physical. But she never told me his name!"

"Do you remember what he looked like," Kogoro asked, "even the smallest detail can be important."

"I do recall him having a large tiger tattoo on his left bicep," the doctor nodded, "and he had dark hair that he spiked up, probably with gel. I do believe it was black, or possibly a very dark brown."

"All right," Megure nodded, turning to another officer, "put out an A.P.B on this guy!"


"But," Heiji continued, "That still doesn't explain how the bullet just vanished."

"What if we're dealing with a magician," Kogoro suggested, "making things vanish are their specialty."

"Magic is nothing more than a trick of the mind," the new voice startled them all, causing them to turn to stare at a tall girl standing in the doorway, "just cheap parlor tricks meant to entertain children."

"Excuse me, young lady," Inspector Megure scowled, "Who are you and how did you get in here? This is authorized personnel only."

Conan inspected the girl closely. She was close to Heiji in height, but matched Ran in physic. She had long, flaming hair and deep gray eyes. She wore a nice, light blue belly shirt and jean shorts with tan colored hiking boots. She glared at everyone in the room, her stormy gaze settling on Conan. Suddenly, he gave a shiver beneath those dead eyes.

"Ma'am," Kogoro took a step closer, becoming puzzled, "have I seen you somewhere before?"

"Perhaps," the girl nodded, "my name is Tsuki Kushinada and I-"

"KUSHINADA," Kogoro took a step back, "the famous actress and singer from Kagoshima who quit a few months back?!"

Tsuki gave an annoyed look, "Yes, I've taken up detective work."

"Oh, not another one," Megure sighed, "well, since you're here, why don't you give us your input?"

"I can do you one better, inspector," a smirk formed on her lips, "I can solve this case for you."

Everyone gasped in shock, watching her walk over to the chalk outline.

"From what I overheard, the victim was found with a bullet primer in her, but no bullet correct?"


"Also, the heater was turned on very high," she continued, turning to check the thermostat, "almost 102 degrees. Not even someone born in Hawaii would be comfortable in that heat. Also, there was no signs of forced entry, meaning the killer waited until she opened the door before firing. But, like most women who live alone, she probably checked to see who was there before taking the chain off and opening it all the way."

Kogoro gasped, "That means she knew her killer!"

"Correct, detective," she nodded, "I am going to guess that the reason the neighbors didn't hear anything was because the killer used a silencer."

"That would make sense," Megure nodded, "but that means we have to rule out our only suspect. If her ex-boyfriend did show up here, she certainly wouldn't have opened the door."

"Correct," Tsuki stood tall and proud, "That means, without a doubt, the killer must be you," she pointed, "Doctor Akiyama!"

Everyone gasped, turning to stare at the now terrified doctor.

"You're insane! Why would I kill Seika? She was my best friend and the best nurse in the O.R. What motive could I possibly have?"

Tsuki's smirk returned, "Simple. You two were having an affair!"

Akiyama gasped.

"Yes," the redhead continued, "you and Ms. Ayasegawa were secretly seeing each other, but I bet she didn't know you had a wife. I spoke to a few of the other nurses, and they confirmed my suspicions. You have never once showed up to work wearing a wedding ring!"

"That doesn't prove anything," he scowled, "I'm a surgeon! Accidents happen and gloves rip. I didn't want to risk losing my ring."

"Even so, wouldn't you want to put it back on when you are on your lunch break? You and Seika were seeing each other, and when she found out about your wife she threatened to tell! Admit it!"

"Ok," the doctor scowled, crossing his arms, "let's say, for the sake of argument, that I killed did I make the bullet disappear?"

A cruel smile appeared on the teen's face, "I was wondering when you were going to ask me that."

"Well," Heiji asked, "don't keep us waiting!"

"You used a frozen bullet!"

The room went silent.

"A...a what?!"

"Using a piece of cardboard, you easily created a mold for the bullet. After it was cooled, you added another layer of the same liquid mixed with gunpowder and set the primer in place. After that was all ready, all you had to do was bring it here and use it to kill Seika. I bet if we searched your car, we'd find a cooler box."

"So that's why we couldn't find the bullet," Heiji exclaimed, "it melted due to the extreme temperature in the room, which kept the body warm!"

"But what did he use as a liquid," Megure asked, "even if it was water, we would have found it mixed in with her blood."

"Unless it was her blood that was used to make the bullet!"

Another round of gasps went throughout the room.

"Being a nurse, she had her blood tested regularly, didn't she Doctor? Accessing her blood was extremely simple for you. And we wouldn't find any gunpowder since it would have been ignited by the hammer hitting the primer."

Akiyama fell to his knees, his eyes wide with fear and tears of anger, "Yes. I admit it. I killed her! She was going to tell my wife about us. She said she felt terrible knowing she loved someone who was already loved by another. She was going to ruin everything! Yes, I had an affair but I still loved my wife dearly! And our sons! I didn't want to lose them. I only had the affair with Seika because my sex life had become so dull. I liked the idea of the secret. It was a challenge; an adventure of sorts. But...but I couldn't let Seika take away the thing I loved most! All because of her self-righteous heart! She was too kind for her own good!"

As Inspector Megure lead the now crying man away, Heiji and Conan approached Tsuki.

"That was awesome," the Osaka boy beamed, "you truly have some incredible skills!"

"Yeah," Conan agreed, "but what are you doing in Tokyo? I heard Uncle Kogoro say you are from Kagoshima."

"I am looking for someone," the redhead answered curtly, "and now, thanks to this case, I might have lost him."

"Then why did you help?"

She smirked, "Because you two idiots couldn't figure out something so simple."

While Heiji scowled, Conan tilted his head, "Who are you looking for? Maybe we know him."

Tsuki glared down at the boy, and once again he shivered.

"His name is Shinichi Kudo."

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