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1. work

"Hey mom I'm gonna walk to the interview,". "Be careful Y/N,". "Bye,". Ok you can do you will get the job. Ok here goes nothing. "Hi I'm Y/N I'm here for a job interview,". "In that room,". I guess I'll knock. "Come in,". "Hi,". "Are you honest and trustworthy,". "Yes." "How old are you." "I'm 19." "You got the job." "Thank you.". We'll that was easy. I'm glad to see they re-did the road. What's that noise? "Hi can you please hide us" "Um over there," "Thank you come on guys." "Have you seen Niall Louis Liam Harry or Zayn," "there headin for the green house on Clark's st". Let's go girls ." "Are you guys ok"? "Yeah thanks and um that's Louis I'm niall that's Zayn Liam's the lad over there and that's harry." "Is it a hot day or is it just you,". "Nice try Harry." "We can all go tho to lunch. "So how long have you lived here,". "I've lived here since I was 5,". " we're the band one direction ,". " so that explains the screaming girls ,". "Here's are number call us,". "Ok I will and yes harry you to,". "Bye love,"."bye boys,"."how was your day." "It was awesome I got the job and five boys numbers,". "We'll that's good news." Ok am I dreaming did I seriously get there numbers. "Who's numbers," . " boys numbers dad,". Ding. Hello it's harry. Hi. Do you want to meet by the high school. Um our the boys going to be there. Liam is. Ok but why. Is this twenty questions just meet us there at three. Ok bye. Bye. I have got to text Kayla. Kayla I'm meeting up with Harry and Liam from one direction. How. I ran into them and I think harry has a crush on me. Ok dress nice girl. Got it I'm gonna get some sleep. Ok.

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