Life with 2

Life as two can be hard but full of memories. Leah and Bree. can they hanlde life as 2 and maybe 3


4. Later that day.

After all that thinking, I was finally at work. Today i was working at Victoria Secret. Yes I am a model. In just a few weeks, It woulld be The VS Secret Show. I am so excited. This will be my 4th time in a VS Show.

3 Hours Later


I just finished the Fashion Show Practice. I am so tired now but I have to go pick up Bree. When I got in my car, I called my mom. My mom is the coolest mom ever. When she found out I was preganet. She was super upset with me, but after a few weeks of seeing Justin and I handle everything. She got happy and excited. But thne when  it was closer to Bree's birth date and Justin and I started having issues, She was getting worried and became upset with me again. When Bree was actaully born, she was not mad at me. She was very angry with Pattie and Justin. Pattie and my mom became super close, since Justin's older sister is super close with my older sister. Pattie and my mom (Alli) were bestfriends and we had family dinners twice a week. 

                         Phone Calll



Me- Hi mom. 

M- Hi sweety. How are you?
Me- Im fine. Just calling to see, if you and Katyeln would like to go to dinner with Bree and I at 6?

M- Of course, we would. Katyeln was asking when she would get to see her little sister again.

Me- Mom I am not little anymore. Bree willl be happy to se you guys. But I have to go. I am at Bree's friend's house. I will text Katyeln, the details about tonight.

M- Okay. Bye sweety.

I finally got Bree and she is a mess. Since it rained and the girls did not want to come inside. They were playing in dirt. God someone help me, I thought to myself. Lately, Ive noticed that Bree has been giving me a rough time with everything. From meals, to naps, bedtime, brushing her teeth. I dont know what has got into her. But it needs to stop. Once, we got home. It was 3:00 so we had a few hours until we had to go. Bree was already super tired and it was not hard to tell. "Bree" I yelled, waiting for her to come into the kitchen. "Yes mama" She said softly. " Go lay down and take a nap"  As soon as I said that Bree's face became angry. "NO MOMMY" She ran into the bathroom and locked the door.I dont know what im going to do with Bree at this point, I though making my way to the bathroom door. "Bree,open this door right now" I yelled, louder then any other time. "NO! LEAVE ME ALONE. Bree yelled. "Fine Bree, Im leaving and never coming backl. I said, grabbing my keys. Making my towards the door, I opened it and waited a minute beofre closing it. I then heard the bathroom door open. "Mommy,Mommy" I heard Bree yell. "Yes Bree" I said softly. " I weally though you weft." "Well I didnt Bree, But do not ever, yell at me like that or lock any door in this house." "Okay mommy" "Go lay down, for a little bit. You waitsted alot o0f time fighting with me." "I sorry,mama." "Go lay down" & with that Bree left me. I made my way into the bathroom,stripped down and took a shower.



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