Life with 2

Life as two can be hard but full of memories. Leah and Bree. can they hanlde life as 2 and maybe 3


5. Get ready and Dinner

After my shower, I put on sweats and a tanktop. I woke Bree up from her nap and helped her in her bath.After her bath, we picked out her outfit and she looked adorable. I then put on my dress and curled my hair. It was 5:25 and dinner was at 6:00. "Bree,it is time to leave." I said calmy. "Mommy,I am not hungry. I don't wanna go." She ran into her but before she could close it, I ran into her room and grabbed her. "Bree, stop acting like a baby." "shut up mommy and put me down."she yelled. "Bree Taylor,what did you just say?" "Shut up mommy.""Bree Taylor, grandma and Katylen aren't gonna be happy to here this." I said grabbing my keys and making my way to the door. Still holding Bree. I unlocked the car door, put my things down and put Bree in her car seat. I then went to the driver's seat and started the car. As soon as the music started playing Bree asked "Could you put Tawyor on mommy." "Really Bree? "At the way you just acted." "No Taylor until you learn,not to speak to me like that." Bree sighed but shut her mouth.We got to the restuarent and my mother was already there. I put Bree down  and she ran to  Katelyn. "Hi my baby girl." Hi auntie, Bree said quitely. "How have you been?" Katelyn asked me. "Better." I answered. "After dinner, lets take a walk. Just me and you." Katelyn said. I just smiled  and nodded my head. Thats the thing about her, she always knows what to say and whenn to say it. She helped me so much with Bree and getting over Justin. Soon the wiater came and took our orders. Bree was getting an extra small pizza. I was getting a salad and a steak. The waiter came back with our food and we ate. Soon it was time to go but my mom agreed to take Bree home and stay the night. Kateyln was also staying the night. Once my mom and Bree left Kateyln and I took a walk. We talked about Bree's behavior and Justin..Also about Katelyn boyfriend. Ryan. Theyre the perfect couple and he is planning on marrying her. We got into the car and went to get ice cream.We laughed and sang Justin Timberlake. Once we were home. We both changed and joined Bree and my mom, who were watching Disney movies. Today was a great day. 



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